Both sides now   13/5/2014

This is all that contrarian commentators demanded throughout those dismal years of media mass-unanimity.

Given the past six years of tortured federal leadership and the attempt to shunt blame on to an imagined media vendetta, it is instructive to look at the criticism being meted out to the Abbott government. Staunch News Corp critics of Mr Rudd and Julia Gillard — such as Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine and Chris Kenny — have been earliest and strongest in their condemnation of Tony Abbott’s broken election promises. This shows the dispassionate consistency we need to see in a national debate, as do cogent arguments from News Corp writers such as Terry McCrann and Greg Sheridan arguing virtually the opposite point of view. For the past six years, on the liberal-Left side of the media and political divide, we have seen a blancmange of groupthink and a delusional denial of obvious failings, presumably in an attempt to buttress a government whose ideals were cherished.

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    17/5/2014 | 5:34 pm

    Political affairs in a small backwater nation like Australia will be put into perspective very soon Bernie given what is happening in the world, any reaction to the budget along with the whole Tony Abbott against Bill Shorten thing will pale into insignificance.

    Soon the Ukraine will ignite into full scale civil war between the forces of the US backed unelected fascist government forces in Kiev against the Russian separatists bringing a death toll unimaginable, all relations between Russia & the United States will cease as Russia invades the Ukraine.

    This has very serious consequences for the ex Soviet Republics of Estonia, Lithuania & Latvia which are now NATO member nations, Pro-Russian groups in those nations are now calling for segregation away from their governments and forming closer ties with Russia. This could have civil wars erupting throughout that region & could put Putin’s Russian armed forces inside these NATO nations to assist break away Russian rebels. According to the NATO charter this will cause direct armed conflict between NATO & Russia. Very good chance of a full scale global thermonuclear war happening from there. We are moving closer to this scenario as every day passes.

    23/5/2014 | 8:46 pm

    I wouldn’t worry Simon as the usual suspects are on top of it all-
    and are aware of the lessons of history to equip them for the long battle ahead-
    Won’t take much to change to change to crossed bike pumps-

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