Sleeping with the enemy   4/2/2014

Does Media Watch host Paul Barry see the writing on the wall? His admission last night:

OK, it’s a fair cop. I admit the crime.
I only voted Liberal at the last election as a cover.

Bet this earns Barry his marching orders to Coventry from plenty of the comrades:

We believe ABC News got it wrong.
And if so … it needs to admit it, to find out how the mistake was made, and to make sure it will not happen again.

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2 Comments for 'Sleeping with the enemy'

    4/2/2014 | 5:50 pm

    I’d like to think you’re out there leading a new wave of introspection and self-reflection at Aunty Paul, but fessing up you voted for the bloke on Abbott’s team is one helluva bad career move. Like working in Aboriginal Affairs and enquiring as to how they define aboriginality.

    5/2/2014 | 8:25 pm

    The bloke he voted for was Turnbull. So I guess it’s arguable that he voted for the Liberal Party.

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