Lettuce see . . .   3/1/2014

Cruelty to animals is totally unacceptable to the folk from PETA.
But cruelty to hot chicks? That’s cool.

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    Thomas the Tout
    7/1/2014 | 9:58 am

    Look, I do not wish to get all hung up about this, and as a (retired) grower of vegetables, I have nothing to hide, so let me just say on this magnificent occasion, that in my humble opinion, those leaves are not lettuce, but are cabbage or cauliflower.

    Cabbage is awful if boiled;
    but as raw, it makes a tasty coleslaw.

    Cauliflower sprouts into a head,
    which taste better if cooked and sauc-ed.

    All will decay, by the end of the day,
    unless relished and nibbled away.

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