Cold feet on that theory   30/12/2013

Irony doesn’t belong only in a foundry. A shipload of global warming alarmists head off to antarctica expecting smooth sailing due to a melting polar cap.
Strange, antarctic ice has not reduced as it should under a global warming scenario. But not to worry, the expedition leader sees global cooling leading to global warming.

Ultimately, global warming covers a vast array of different responses by our planet. And one of the fascinating things that we’re seeing is suggestions that large parts of the oceans off East Antarctica are actually getting fresher. And yet you’ve got this expanding sea ice, and one of the ideas we’re testing out here is this idea that when you’re melting the sea ice around the East Antarctic coastal fringes, at depth – not from air temperature but from warmer oceans – what you’re doing is you’re putting that fresh water from the Antarctic ice sheets into the oceans.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this joker was selling shares in icebergs.

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2 Comments for 'Cold feet on that theory'

    30/12/2013 | 3:05 pm

    Another careerist pommy trying to pull the wool over the dumb aussies. And apparently succeeding, given his professorial tenure at UNSW and gushing articles by fat chicks at the ABC.

    31/12/2013 | 6:33 am

    Maybe I’m reading it upside down, but this is the second time I have come across the suggestion that warm water sinks.

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