Headlines and shoulders above   26/12/2013

Its sub-editing skills alone make the Oz easily the best of our newspapers:
Tony Abbott inclined to drop RET: Mark Butler
(Oops, that praise doesn’t extend to online subs, who in this case have ruined the hard copy version: Abbott inclined to drop RET: Butler. I know from experience that if it comes to a choice between a clever play on words or adding a first name to maximise clicks, the humourless pick must win every time.)

Its readers can be pretty tidy quippers, too:
Does the headline “PM inclined to drop RET: Butler” mean that the promised continuation of the scheme for alternative energy sources has gone with the wind?
Andrew King, Boya, WA

I see political manoeuvres for the season have gone with the wind. Tony Abbott appears to have joined forces with Scarlett O’Hara.
Michael Asten, Hawthorn, Vic

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