Sledge trimmers   4/12/2013

Sledging at cricket is the latest issue to get up the skirts of the “tsk-tsk” brigade.
Janet Albrechsten delivers a bouncer to the humourless, non-competitive sooks who are forever on the hunt for something to aggrieve their precious sensibilities.

What a relief, then, to hear that coach Darren Lehmann wants to see Australian cricket return to the golden eras of Lillee and Thomson, the Chappells and Steve Waugh, of Hughes, Rodney Marsh and Allan Border when Australia was “defined by a good, hard brand of cricket”. Recalling the “aggressive, in-your-face cricket” when players expressed themselves in the game, Lehmann commended the theatre around Australia’s Mitchell Johnson, “right down to the fact that his new moustache brought back memories of the 70s with the stars and their handlebar mos”.
The mos can go. But if we are to celebrate the best of the 70s, let’s also praise another un-PC phenomenon: 70s parenting. It was a time when parents could be parents and kids could be kids. When riding your bicycle until dark was the norm. When your family had one telephone, attached to a wall by a cord, in the middle of a house with no privacy. When weekends were long, lazy stretches watching Test cricket and those renegades in World Series Cricket, instead of being ferried around from one activity to the next. When, if you stuffed up as a kid, you sorted it out yourself as best you could, instead of running home to mum to complain.

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