National disgrace   3/12/2013

It’s difficult not to conclude the taxpayer-funded ABC has flirted with treachery by bellowing our national security forces’ vital activities.
Senator George Brandis revealed in parliament yesterday that some prime scalps collected by agencies, which the national broadcaster has sought to damage, include extremists linked to the al-Shabab terrorist group in the August 2009 plot to carry out a suicide attack on Holsworthy Army Barracks in Sydney. Five men were charged, and three, Wissam Fattal, Saney Edow Aweys and Nayef el-Sayed, were convicted.
Security forces also uncovered terrorist cells based in Sydney and Melbourne who worked together to plan attacks, including a strike on the 2005 AFL Grand Final. This was revealed by the multi-agency Operation Pendennis which found the network was headed by radical Melbourne cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika, also referred to as Abu Bakr, who along with seven followers in Melbourne was convicted of terrorism in 2009.
Later that year, five more of his followers in Sydney were found guilty of planning the same attack.
Some critics say Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull needs to show some spine and severely punish the ABC and its leadership. I disagree. Turnbull should do everything in his power to allow the broadcaster to enjoy the freedom, rewards and self-satisfaction found in the open market.
Taxpayers would be saved billions, too. A win-win all round I’d reckon.

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    4/12/2013 | 4:42 pm

    Let’s get real. To any hopeful conservative out there thinking, or hoping, that a new conservative government might actually do something to rein in the ABC, think again. Surely it is obvious the the Coalition will do absolutely nothing to disrupt or hurt the ABC. Call it what you want.

    How can I be so sure? Well, there are many lines of evidence. The simplest one was simply to watch “The Tuesday Book Club” last Tuesday. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s the epitome of ABC leftist pinko group-think. In the midst of this pinko-fest, very happily ensconced alongside John BirmingHam was Lucy Turnbull, wife of Malcolm Turnbull. Predictably, inevitably,
    spouting the obligatory claptrap and clich├ęd orthodoxy.
    This is the problem. As soon as you see footage of her you will understand. There’s no way Turnbull or any other senior power broker in the Coalition will do anything. For gawds sake, the Coalition board appointed Scott. They just love the ABC.

    4/12/2013 | 4:47 pm

    PS, why do conservatives think the ABC invited her on to The Tuesday Book Club? Answer, to rub our noses in it.

    And why do you think she accepted? Same answer.

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