Going, going . . .   22/6/2013

Looks like The Age’s editor has joined the ranks of blue-tied misogynists.

It is time for Julia Gillard to stand aside as leader of the federal parliamentary Labor Party, as Prime Minister of Australia, so that vigorous, policy-driven democratic debate can flourish once again. Ms Gillard should do so in the interests of the Labor Party, in the interests of the nation and, most importantly, in the interests of democracy.

You’d presume there’s much wailing and gnashing of teeth in Fitzroy, Glebe and and Freo.

I remember that fateful night in 2007 when I warned two long-time rusted-on Labor voting mates that they’d soon be embarrassed they voted for this mob of incapable hyenas. They sneered. Who’s laughing now?

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    22/6/2013 | 2:10 pm

    She may be dangerous and incompetent, but surely Gillard is a legitimate PM and has a right to face the voters; that is democratic. The Labor Party has created one crisis after another since they came into office, including a Carbon Tax, Pink Batts, Mining Tax, BER, Massive Debt and 45,000 illegal immigrants. Now we’re teetering on, if actually not already in, a constitutional crisis (don’t mention the mother-in-law). All of this was engineered out of nothing in a few short years. Incompetent doesn’t begin to describe it. Comfortable and relaxed never looked so good..

    23/6/2013 | 2:34 am

    The despised Cheshire Cat or the harridan shrew? Decisions, decisions…?
    I should be above it all but alas I do enjoy wallowing around like a pig in manure with their agony.

    23/6/2013 | 2:44 am

    And didn’t you just love delectable Bill?

    I’m not a member of the Rudd faction or the Gillard faction. I’m a member of the Labor Party.

    Perhaps they’ll let you drive the Tarago after September Bill?

    23/6/2013 | 10:57 am

    Observa if the poll predictions hold true I can’t see Bill wanting the job after September (or November, or is it August). It’s a hard call. Does he take the leadership and try and hang on for one, two, three or maybe more terms? Or do he let someone else take and hope (and presumably machinate) to take the Labor leadership when the electoral prospects improve? (and this assumes Labor has a medium and long-term future).

    24/6/2013 | 12:24 am

    I still reckon the pundits have Kev all wrong and he just wants to be around as the likely sole Labor rep for Qld and dance on those Labor rats’ political graves, as well as be around for the post mortems and to reform Labor. That means cleaning out the union slushfunders and the ratbag misogyny maidens.

    24/6/2013 | 10:47 am

    Yeah prog, neither Shorten or Combet want to drink the Hemlock and Kev’s forcing the shrew and her mates to suck it all up. Shakespeare would have a field day with this lot.

    24/6/2013 | 10:52 am

    With due apologies to the Bard and my dead knuckle rappers for mixing up my either/ors and neither/nors

    Thomas the Tout
    24/6/2013 | 4:27 pm

    Horresco referens! It occurs to me that the Prime Mitch will give a ‘concession speech’. London to a brick that it will be nauseating.
    Any suggestions re. content? Here are so quick ones-

    “I have wrung MisteRabbit and congradouladed him upon stealing the election…
    “It is a sad time for women that sexism and misogny have won the day…
    ” I truly believe that the educashional reforms that I have implemented will give equity to all Australians no matter how disadvantaged they are…
    “I am proud to have led a team of feisty and superb women and achieved so much in the face of adversity..
    “When I lay my claws on that Scottish creep I am gunna…

    24/6/2013 | 9:08 pm

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