Peace talking   22/2/2013

Henry produces an inconvenient truth in The Australian’s Last Post column:

Those who protested against Geert Wilders coming here to express his views on Islam won’t be protesting against shiekh Abdul Rahman al-Sudais for preaching that Jews are accursed to Allah, are pigs and apes and are the scum of the earth. That’s because he’s speaking at the Australian Islamic Peace Conference.
Henry Herzog, St Kilda, Vic

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    22/2/2013 | 6:51 pm

    Ed’s note: I find these views abhorrent and offensive. But would I be a hypocrite to send them to the trash can? If the price for freedom of expression is to endure such hate-filled garbage, it’s probably better to let it be aired than to allow it to fester in a bubble of paranoia. I will take advice on this matter from reasonable commenters.
    I long for the day every Mosque is burnt to the ground in Australia. Muslims are trash people who all deserve to be exterminated. We need to bring back the White Australia Policy & keep Australia a nation for white anglo saxon protestants as it once was. All Arabs and Jews are descendants of the same filthy middle eastern races, the semites.

    A little man with a mighty voice from Austria had the right idea to deal with this human trash over a century ago.

    23/2/2013 | 8:05 pm

    Now, here’s the problem with anything-goes free speech. It can easily slip into defamation as this idiot shows with his “racist” slurs. Poor Derek doesn’t realise that name-calling and abuse only weakens his case.
    These are the followers that the likes Geert Wilders attracts. Right wing fascists are polarised by the likes of him and Andrew Bolt.Hate is all these morons know.Andrew Bolt racist, Geert Wilders racist.These people prove the apple does not fall far from the tree.
    Many racists visit Bolts blog and now obviously yours Bernie. Its there views you think they have the right to express which just shows you tolerate bigotry because you are a BIGOT. My late father was a full blooded Aboriginal but racist pigs like Bolt think I should only identify with the white side of my family because pigs like him hate everything or anything Aboriginal.

    24/2/2013 | 12:48 am

    Well Stan as the son of an Anglo Saxon I can recall the old man getting into a bit of a scrap with some Saxon brethren who wanted to go the extermination route and it did seem somewhat counter productive at the time. But I take your point that we need to be wary of such trash and their crazy ideas from time to time. Keeping them out is one thing but how to deal with the home grown variety is quite another, but it’s best they’re out in the sunlight where we can keep an eagle eye on them and their machinations.

    24/2/2013 | 1:03 am

    And there is a precedent for a bloke like you with big ideas and the gift of the gab Stan-

    25/2/2013 | 8:36 am

    “My late father was a full blooded Aboriginal but racist pigs like Bolt think I should only identify with the white side of my family because pigs like him hate everything or anything Aboriginal”

    What absolute drivel Derek. Bolty has no problem with you or anyone else identifying with various racial or cultural parts of your identity, just so long as you’re not trying to kid us one part is better than another without being prepared to justify that stance. As for advocating public policies that actively incentivise favouring one part of your cultural or racial identity over another, Bolty is not alone in challenging that because it actively promotes racism in the name of positive discrimination and which omniscient master of eugenics gets to decide what racial bits should be positively promoted? Perhaps you’d like to help us all out here with that?

    You see Derek I’m a Heinz 57 varieties. A real mongrel without some 50% pure blood like some parade about. You know- Angle, Jute, Pict, Scot, Viking, Roman, Norman and God knows what else thrown in for good measure and all out of Africa I believe. Personally I’m not interested in dissecting which bits are which, more about what sorta bloke you are in that physical shell of yours and what your values are. Have they evolved over time like mine and do they stack up with what works and if you say mine don’t where’s your’e evidence for that? If you’re not bribing them and you’ve got some people knocking down walls and drowning in boats to get a slice of some other values I’m not aware of then I’m all ears Derek.

    richard republican
    25/2/2013 | 1:22 pm

    Well Slatts its your blog and you don’t have to post any comments you don’t like.

    26/2/2013 | 1:39 pm

    oops typo ‘your evidence’

    Here’s my kinda bloke on the same wavelength over middle class rentseekers Stan-
    and I know exactly where he’s coming from as unfortunately there’s plenty of melanin deficient taxeaters and slushfunders hanging about too-
    but if I’m equally critical then apparently I’m a misogynist to boot according to Big Red and the gals.

    Mysogynist, racist= Leftspeak for unicorn as in ‘look over there not here’ folks.

    26/2/2013 | 1:50 pm

    oops I meant Derek as Stan is no doubt off to talk them filthy Ayrabs and Joos around to his way of thinking.

    27/2/2013 | 12:46 am

    Hey Bernie, if you were wondering whether or not to give national socialists,common or garden lefties or outright commies a platform, take a leaf out of Bolty’s book-

    Nothing like notorising Dear Denise’s projectile vomiting at everything from Peta Credlin to Tony Abbott’s wife and family and then the Meeja here-
    Then that simply sublime killer punch line of hers amongst all that self loathing leftist frothing at the potty mouth-

    ‘My father always taught me that if you weren’t there and didn’t see with your own eyes you are not in a position to judge. A very wise man, my Dad.’

    What a howler from a bio that lists among her many talents- ‘political strategist’
    How do you get rid of leftists? Ans: Give them a political platform and wait.
    Roll on September.

    27/2/2013 | 11:22 am

    Meanwhile that racist Bolty of yours is back at it again Deerk-
    with some support from another racist apparently-

    Craig Somerville, the head previous of Aboriginal Legal Services and Aboriginal community member said each case should be looked at individually.

    “What is an Aboriginal family? My father was Scottish my children are half-Italian, it’s all about backgrounds that nurture us together, my kids, I’m not going to shove anything on them, they don’t have to wear a kilt or play a didgeridoo,” he said.

    Goodness gracious not another one of my lower caste mongrel mob upsetting you and your blue bloods again Derek?

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