Dining delight   11/2/2013

What’s the ideal entree for a meal of Findus lasagne? Black Caviar, of course.
Daylesford pal Bernie Frith suggests the whole repast kicks off with horses’ doovers.

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    11/2/2013 | 10:41 am

    Aw shucks! They couldn’t taste the difference but loved the price so couldn’t be bothered asking the hard questions about that and now they’re all suitably outraged.

    Reminds you of similar outrage-
    and the doozy of them all for post mortem/modern outrage or sheng fooey-

    11/2/2013 | 7:11 pm

    Funny Bernie!

    Thomas the Tout
    12/2/2013 | 9:18 am

    Tish-boom!, Bernie. Too many oats, this morning!
    But hay! for the really old-timers… “served with a side-dish of Radish”.
    Observa – nice point. Allow me to twist it a little, and rail against multi-nationals owning our food producers. Home-town now has a Farmer’s Market, which gives us a good chance of getting honest produce.

    14/2/2013 | 10:16 pm

    I don’t have any truck with deliberately misrepresenting products but you do laugh at the shock horror of a bunch of whale wimps out there nowadays who need protecting from themselves. As for our lawmakers actually recognising superstitious mumbo jumbo gimme strength.

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