Germs of ideas   8/2/2013

James Valentine takes the P155 out of sook-wranglers who would deny kids birthday cake candles because they might catch germs.

Shopping trolleys. The unwashed grasp their handles for a half hour at a time, infusing the grip with sweat, dirt and bodily fluids best left unnamed. The trolley is left in an unventilated carpark, handle festering in the heat, then herded back upstairs, to be clasped by the next consumer.
Hideous. What if this shopper’s next stop was a sandwich shop? May as well order a salmonella sandwich.

What other measures could nanny-staters take to keep us and our kids safe from germs and other meanies?
I’m worried about the dangers of breathing. It’s got to be a real health risk inhaling all those horrible carbon dioxide and methane emissions from inconsiderate others.
The worst thing about these health and safety fascists is that they’re on the public payroll. Savings there, Abbott.

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    9/2/2013 | 9:31 am

    Many of the locations where our young might acquire the necessary immunities to see them through life are so hygeinically spartan. The supermarket trolley is one of the few mechanisms left to allow mothers, grandfathers and children to acuire the necessary antigens to increase their immunity to everyday diseases.

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