Freedom fighters   8/2/2013

Those who have slammed the federal government’s recent attacks on free speech have been surprised by the silence from many who would be expected to deplore such totalitarianism.
Michael Sexton pointedly asks:

Amid this deafening silence from the supporters of the legislation, there has also been an absence of comment from a range of groups that are generally outspoken on questions of individual freedom. Where, for example, are the protests from legal professional bodies such as bar associations and law societies or from the various civil liberties organisations? And where is the protest from those perennial radicals and challengers of authority, the Greens?

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    Ian George
    8/2/2013 | 9:34 am

    I just watched a program on ABC showing sketches from old ABC comedy shows ie Doug Anthony All Stars, Chasers, etc. Many of the skits would have caused offence to someone or some group. Admittedly, some were ‘beyond the pale’, but if this proposed legislation is enacted, probably most comedy, satires, etc would unlikely be aired.

    9/2/2013 | 9:28 am

    Enough legislation has already been enacted by our leftist, totalitarian mistresses and masters that would have them hoist on their own pettard should some of their oppressed subjects have had the mind to used such legislation. I often wonder why those not of the left persuasion do not make greater use of this legislation to bring this regime to account.

    21/2/2013 | 12:57 pm

    The sad fact is that “new establishment” in Australia and most of the rest of the Western world is thoroughly undemocratic. The right has been hijacked by corporate money, the left has been hijacked by the looniest of loony left socialist thugs, and between them they own our parliaments. Both gangs effectively smother any attempt to organise any real opposition to tyranny. Both gangs agree on one thing – their fear of and contempt for the once free people who built the modern western world and their desire to suppress and marginalise them in what was until recently their own country.
    Hence the bipartisan push to restrict free speech, to impose the lunacy of “multiculturalism” and “multiracialism” on us, the brainwashing of our kids (the biggest mistake we ever made was tolerating the red’s takeover of the schools and universities), the endless government attempts to save us from ourselves, the disarming of the citizenry.
    If these tyrants ever succeed in destroying western civilisation they will then fight each other for the corpse.
    The west is in a lot of trouble if we don’t take back our government soon.

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