But, but, but . . .   3/2/2013

Lefty heads exploding on Insiders in the wake of Gillard government chaos. But still they’re obsessed with Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott like monkeys to the chimp.

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    3/2/2013 | 12:27 pm

    They (labor) keep reminding me of a good alternative PM that we have in Abbott. Maybe I should bake them a cake or something and say thanks for always reminding me about him!

    3/2/2013 | 12:39 pm

    I’d all but given up on watching the Insiders last year. But I tuned in again for the first one again this year – and yes, its the same old leftie posterior kissing fest.
    David Marr is so blind left, if Julia Gillard was the devil reincarnate itself – he would find a way to reinvent her as a Saint, and Cassidy would back him.

    3/2/2013 | 12:59 pm

    Perhaps they should rename the show the David Marr hour.That pouncy red neck always convinces me that I should never ever vote labor.Keep up the good work Dave,you are one of the coalitions greatest assets.

    doc molloy
    3/2/2013 | 1:02 pm

    Like Sunday leftist monks doing Laborian chant… Insider Abbey!

    3/2/2013 | 1:15 pm


    3/2/2013 | 1:19 pm

    The Courier Mail in Brisbane has issues with Abbott, Abbott, Abbott … particularly Laurie Oakes. What is his beef with the Opposition leader. Practically every long column he has to fill turns into some problem with Abbott. They really are too boring to bother reading. The CM loves to show their opinion of Tony Abbott with weird photos, funny eyes and expressions that most decent people would delete. Out of the hundreds they take, they select the worst.

    3/2/2013 | 1:21 pm

    The more they tilt towards Labor the more I’m determined to vote Liberal. I don’t think any party deserves your blind, undivided loyality, but in this case, and after seeing how totally inept Labor is, there’s no other alternative but Liberal for me.

    3/2/2013 | 1:53 pm

    I tuned into Insiders today thinking maybe, just maybe, the program would be less biased with the many complaints the ABC has received on the biased nature of the Insiders, again 3 Labor lefties against one conserative, no wonder the Bolt program is more popular.

    3/2/2013 | 1:57 pm

    Sorry I just can not bring myself to watch Insiders anymore nor read the Comrade Mail. I wouldn’t say Labor propagandists are stupid but it does appear that they have remarkably bad luck when it comes to logical thought.

    3/2/2013 | 2:29 pm

    WHEN the ALP lose the election, Barry et al will try and explain that Australian voters didn’t really understand their “reform agenda” (implicitly stating voters got it wrong).

    3/2/2013 | 2:32 pm

    Clearly Laurie Oakes has personal issues with Mr.Abbott.There is no other reasonable explanation for his obvious blind hatred.I once quite enjoyed his musings but now if I see an article that mentions Mr Abbotts name I decline to read it because of his animosity .
    Maybe it’s something to do with the Opposition Leader being a white Christian family man

    Lime Lite
    3/2/2013 | 2:41 pm

    Thank goodness I missed the ALP love hour. I stopped watching Insiders early last year and have never missed an episode of The Bolt Report. Can’t wait for March when he returns.

    3/2/2013 | 2:52 pm

    With people like DavidMarr, sneeringly putting down the Libs at every opportunity, and supporting Labor in spite of all the scandals
    it’s enough to turn anyone off the Gillard Gov.

    3/2/2013 | 3:04 pm

    Dumped Leftsiders when Bolt no longer appeared. Never been back, never will!

    3/2/2013 | 3:06 pm

    I thought I would give them another chance
    What a waste Same Marr self agrandisement, same suckhole ALP guestspot, same Cassidy anti Abott Abott Abott As they say, same old same old and a leopard and his spots No more for me thanks Bye Insiders

    3/2/2013 | 3:29 pm

    Have not read your reviews before , so many thanks to Andrew Bolt for advising .It is as if Labor has become ‘ hardwired ‘ and find it impossible to front an interview/programme WITHOUT this ridiculous mantra ..now am making a ‘ joke’ and counting the amount of times they embarrass themselves by mentioning TA .
    THIS family are voting for the Liberal Coalition in September , if not before,and feel Tony will make a excellent PM ….maybe not the greatest orator in the world [ we’ve already witnessed the mess Julia and Kevin have caused ] , but feel he is an honourable man and will ask the same of his team members …..

    3/2/2013 | 3:34 pm

    what’s with Barrie Cassidy? Does he intend to have two representatives of
    “Emily’s List” on every week?

    The anti Abbott tirades are beginning to pall.

    Taylor and Marr need new scriptwriters

    3/2/2013 | 3:38 pm

    No Insiders for me. It is no more than pro Labor propaganda.
    The same goes for David Marr.

    3/2/2013 | 3:50 pm

    PLEASE , by now I don’t even listen, look or think about the insider, marr, cassidy and co. have lost me when Andrew Bolt’s program started, just CANNOT believe we have to wait till March!!!!!!, to listen to Andrew again.

    3/2/2013 | 3:53 pm

    Morbidly fascinating –
    Marr managed to speak for some 11 1/2 minutes, Taylor for almost 8 minutes, and Henderson for 6 minutes.
    Not only is the panel typically left biased 3 to 1, the conservative view is tightly contained.

    WhaleHunt Fun
    3/2/2013 | 4:50 pm

    A little harsh. Given their unthinking biased, you cannot blame them for attacking Abbot. He stands for the destruction of every poisonous act of legislated bastardry this coven of misandrists has dreamed up. He opposes parasitic leeching on the public purse, corrupt union thuggery, fraud, and lying to the electorate. Of course the ABC hacks are outraged. You have to feel for them when their every cankerous dream is at risk of destruction by a man who sees them for what they are.

    The Beak
    3/2/2013 | 5:19 pm

    The leftist media is too dumb to realise that their change of subject onto Abbott regardless of the Labor Government issue/crisis/betrayal of the electorate that is under discussion has no become so predictable that it has now become boring. Do not bother reading past the headline.

    Matthew Of Canberra
    3/2/2013 | 7:16 pm

    It was clever when it was new, but this “abbottabbottabbott” thing just smacks of people who do not like their preferred political leader facing scrutiny (actually, I think that’s precisely why bolt and blair came up with it – as a pro-forma way to respond to coverage of any kind).

    Like it or not, it’s not possible to talk about australian politics now without mentioning the opposition. Parliament is now too close to call, and the opposition has been campaigning aggressively since 2010. The whole point of opposition politics these days is to GET attention – so what’s the ABC supposed to do, ignore them?

    How are you going to cope when he’s actually prime minister? He’s going to be asked questions all the time, and he’s going to have to stand on his own two feet – it’s not much of a strategy to just keep complaining about it.

    It might sound horrifying to you guys, but some of us are actually pretty content with the way the ALP has managed the country for the last 5 years, at least from a policy perspective. Politically, they’ve been a disaster – no doubt about that. But they have introduced some important and difficult reforms and kept our economy as the envy of the world, against a headwind of declining terms of trade, a minority government with a razor-thing margin, a global economic meltdown the likes of which hasn’t need since since the 1930’s, and the nation’s dominant news-gathering organisation devoting itself to bringing down the government with anything it can find.

    I actually don’t think the ALP’s policies HAVE been a disaster – not when one looks at the facts. All things considered, I think they’ve done well. The only thing I think they should have done differently was to keep TPVs. I don’t think the offshore processing malarky is worth a hill of beans, and it costs us a fortune.

    Sit that alongside a guy who wants to present the smallest possible target until his mate rupert can win an election for him. I honestly worry about how he’s going to govern without that help. Murdoch is going to OWN tony abbott.

    But brace yourselves – you’re in store for some epic backflips after the next election. You’ll be happy with some of them, no doubt. But you won’t be happy about what happens to the NDIS, NBN , climate policies and a few other bits and bobs. They’ll be altered, rolled back a bit, but they’ll all still be there. Wait and see ;-)

    Jim Wiggs
    3/2/2013 | 9:23 pm

    Gerard Henderson providess a voice of reason when he’s invited on Insiders, but he’s always outnumbered by leftists, given that Barrie Cassidy always sides with the other two guests, who are invariably from the ABC’s leftist roster.

    Expect Paul Bongiorno to join the conga line now that he’s been moved on from Meet the Press…

    J. Sutton
    3/2/2013 | 9:51 pm

    Unveiled Communism is alive and well in the Labor Party, good riddance to them in September. They have decimated Australia.

    3/2/2013 | 10:07 pm

    The media will soon focus everything on the Middle East. It(a full scale Middle Eastern war) is looking like it is starting to begin. Russia has strictly condemned what looks like a Israeli attack chemical plants inside its ally Syria. The Syrian civil war is set to explode from its borders very soon with the high possibilty of an Israel attack on Iran shotly after that.

    This will see crude oil prices go through the roof and cause global markets to nosedive and the world economy to catastrophically collapse. This full scale war in the Persian Gulf/Middle East will lead to WORLD WAR III. That would be the total annihilation of the human race. The events in the Middle east are leading to this inevitable outcome.

    Soon the carnage in that part of the world will dominate our screens, the whold Gillard vs Abbott thing will be insignificant to the global chaos that is soon to begin. Abbott might never be PM but if this carnage shortly begins after the election he is almost certain to win, then his prime ministership will short lived, because any war involving Iran & Isreal will lead to WORLD WAR III & the total destruction of all mankind.

    The flight time of any US,Russian,Chinese high yield nuclear ICBM is 30 minutes to wipe out thousands of cities across the globe inluding all major capitals in Australia.

    3/2/2013 | 11:26 pm

    Only watched Insiders because Henderson was on it. Otherwise would of tuned it off. Does anyone else read Media Watch Dog by Henderson,he gets the facts, where as Insiders is full of crap Insiders Business and Sport is not too bad.

    4/2/2013 | 8:43 am

    Didn’t know Insiders had started and slept in anyway. Tried to watch podcast after reading Bolt and then here. But I gave up. I don’t mind having a conversation with someone who genuinely believes in a particular ideology. We need diversity.
    But the shameful manner in which this lot…both govt and some sections of the media have turned politics in this country into class and gender wars, topped off by the vicious, relentless attacks against Tony Abbott is appalling. Yet, what does it say about the mentality of the 40% of the population who will vote them back for more of the same.

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