Superior judgement   28/1/2013

Someone who knows what he’s talking about gives his opinion on Drab Olive Oyl’s (aka Nicola Roxon and I hope she’s insulted and offended) proposed totalitarian legislation:

FORMER High Court judge Ian Callinan has called for widespread community opposition to the federal government’s proposed changes to discrimination law, which he says are “outrageous” and a threat to community cohesion.
“Every Australian with an ideal for democracy – and I hope that means most Australians – should do everything they lawfully can to oppose the introduction of this outrageous law,” said Mr Callinan, who retired from the nation’s highest court in 2007.

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    29/1/2013 | 9:56 pm

    She does look like Olive Oyl. Even worse than her looks is her pretentious whiny voice. She looks and sounds like a prude (and probably is one). Mathison is a pervert and Roxon’s a prude.

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