Left low   8/1/2013

Nicola Roxon, she of the drab olive cigarette packets, has plunged to new depths by claiming a previously understated woman was merely performing a political stunt by telling the media of her boss’s help and concern during her struggle with IVF treatment.

“I think it’s clear from these sorts of stories that the Liberal Party research must be showing that Mr Abbott does have a problem with women and that he’s trying to do something about it,” drab Olive Oyl claimed.

Even lefty commentator Ann Summers gave drab Olive and comrades a hefty kick in the bloomers.

“. . . there was no excuse for the sexist, misogynist and in some cases downright cruel responses it elicited.

Summers extracted some of the vile comments circulating as drab Olive made her hateful comment.

For instance, the Twitter hashtag #whatsintonysfridge quickly took off. While it contained some tame (and lame) attempts at political humour, nominating policies such WorkChoices as being in the fridge, other Tweets went straight for the jugular. Or, in this case, the ovaries.
CriticalBeatdown ‏@ConnorJolley: A set of rosaries wrapped around Peta Credlin’s ovum #whatsintonysfridge
Joe2 ‏@eatatjoe2: #whatsintonysfridge turkey baster
There were plenty of other comments in this vein but by far the most offensive in my view was a photoshopped image posted by someone who calls himself “George Bludger” of Credlin holding a pan of fried eggs with the caption “Stop the Eggs”.

No one does hatespeak as well as the Left, as Credlin painfully learnt last October.

The story by Maiden was intended, apparently, as a curtain-raiser for an interview Credlin has given to Marie Claire magazine which will be published this week. In that interview, when asked about her toughest day at work, she disclosed that it was after she and Abbott had been the subject of a “grubby joke” at a union event in Canberra the night before.
“The joke didn’t faze me – politics is tough,” she is reported by Maiden as saying, “but on that day I had come to the office straight from hospital after my fifth failed IVF attempt. All I wanted to do was to go home to bed, pull the doona over my head and cry. But if I didn’t front up, there would be a sense that the joke had got to me. So I had to sit through Question Time in the advisers’ box and have a smile on my face. It was personally tough.”

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2 Comments for 'Left low'

    11/1/2013 | 6:00 am

    By and large, I am a believer of “What goes round, comes round!”. However, the Summers of this world appear to be on an extremely large carousel that will give them many thrills before they return to meet with their “come- downances”.

    13/1/2013 | 9:24 am

    “No one does hatespeak as well as the Left”
    Yet, to listen to some of them, one might assume the left owns exclusive rights to the moral high ground.
    It’s beyond me why, in my own circle, as well as on on other blogs…intelligent people hold this lot in high esteem.

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