Blooper season   8/1/2013

You know it’s the silly season when the B team is wheeled out to read the news.
Channel 7’s blonde reported last week on an investigation into matters at the “Kuck-oo” restaurant in the Dandenongs.
Not to be outdone, Channel 9’s blonde referred to the “Princess” Highway.
But the cigar goes to ABC’s reporterette who gave PM Gillard priestly powers by asserting her visit to Tasmanian bushfire victims “boosted morals”.

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2 Comments for 'Blooper season'

    21/1/2013 | 3:56 pm

    I had a presenter on an ABC program speaking about the local “Cultcha” how do these people get jobs where they front the public?

    25/1/2013 | 4:43 pm

    Mistakes in presentation are perpetuated by careless editing, if not downright ignorance. There is a car dealer in Colac advertising on WIN TV who persistently proclaims that their address is on the Princess Highway. As the words appear uncorrected on the screen you begin to wonder if you have misunderstood …

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