Great Scott   5/1/2013

Here’s an idea for nothing for the increasingly irrelevant media: Get out regularly and talk to those who’ve been royally screwed by incompetent, dishonest government.
Fox News did overnight and I would not be surprised to see this go viral.

Hurricane Sandy victim Scott McGrath unloaded on President Obama and Washington elites in an interview with Neil Cavuto today on “Your World.”
Here are some great quotes from Scott McGrath.
‘This country is in debt. We are so eager to help other countries that we forget our own people.’
‘They have to change this and cut out the pork. We can’t accept it if it’s gonna put us in more debt down the road.’
‘A quick fix is not gonna help us….in the long run I don’t want to be paying more taxes down the road.’
(Obama) ‘is a phony, he’s a liar. Straight out liar. He said to me face to face he’s gonna cut the rep tape. We’re two months now no red tapes been cut.’

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    6/1/2013 | 10:46 am

    A simple rule of thumb to understand Australian politics and, apparently, U.S. politics as well — always put ordinary people last.
    Their role is to pay, roll over and shut the f*** up.

    BTW, you’ve got some good s*** going on here.

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