Cry babies   4/1/2013

Brendan O’Neill seems to be looking for a word to describe the latest bunch of grief-seekers who want litigators and the gumment to kiss their problems and make them better.

ARE you being bullied? If you have a job, attend university, have a hectic social life or do anything else that involves being put under pressure, you probably are.
But only because everything is defined as “bullying” these days. From being called out on your slackness to being hauled over the coals for your political views; what we used to call “being put on the spot”, we now call “bullying”.
The rise and rise of the B-word is testament to the touchiness of our therapeutic era and to the now widespread belief that people are pathetic bundles of sensitivity who will unravel at the merest hint of pressure.

The word Brendan is searching for is a wonderful piece of Aussie onomatopoeia: Sook!

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