Where’s the anger?   28/12/2012

It’s puzzling to find that many of my old hippy, libertarian and lefty mates are not outraged by a federal government proposal to put a stranglehold on free expression. One can only hope that loyalty to Labor does not trump basic liberties.

Every time we give away a little free speech here or restrain a little free speech there, we chip away at the cornerstone of our democracy. Before we have raised an eyebrow, let alone a voice, we have lost the ability to robustly test ideas, debate questions big and small and to laugh freely without fear. It hardly needs saying that freedoms are easily lost and not so easily won. Then again, maybe it does need saying – again and again to check our natural tendency to complacency.

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    30/12/2012 | 8:19 pm

    There are absolutely no libertarian amongst the the likes of Julia Gillard. The ALP are just as bad the conservatives. Actually they’re worst. It is Republican in the USA called Ron Paul who rightfully claims Julian Assange deserves freedom and no punishment from Washington whatsoever. Yet it is the Obama administration and its witch Hillary Clinton who are after Assange’s blood.

    Conservatives in Australia like Julie Bishop and George Brandis have attacked that idiot of a prime minister of ours and her clumsy comments claiming Assange did a very illegal thing. Libertarians in the ALP. No way. As for those rape charges against Assange people need to watch the four corners show done on him to know its all the stitch. Yet the ALP have hanged him out to dry.

    As an true lefty Bernie I will tell you the ALP are corrupt to the hills.

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