Ms Failure   17/12/2012

Henry Ergas calls the prime harridan on her government’s deplorable record in women’s employment:

LITTLE Miss Bossy tells everyone what to do. Little Miss Naughty is badly behaved.
And Little Miss Fickle breaks her promises. But no one is as scary as Little Miss Ogyny, especially when she goes on the attack.
Not that she understands the difference between ad hominem and ad nauseam. Nor is she shy of veering into a Little Miss Statement.
For despite all the noise Julia Gillard makes about gender women achieved far greater progress under the Howard government than they have under Labor.
Since Labor came to power, the female unemployment rate has risen from 4.4 to 5.2 per cent. And surveys show women feel more at risk of losing their job now than at any point in the Howard years.

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    Thomas the Tout
    19/12/2012 | 9:20 am

    I quite like the word-play. And the title of Prime Harridan. If I get a little time one evening, and 2 whiskys, I think I can do something similar with prize bitch.

    But yo, Slatts mah man, what is it wid all dis USA-style talk ay? Wot you saying “calls” her for it, for? She da one wot said she will call the Abbotman for dissing her, and now you using dem same words! Come on mah man,”calling someone out” is Detroit-talk! It done not belong in a high quality blog! You aint calling the bell-hop or the CIA spook, ya know! You aint picking up the telephone and calling no-one. Cool it man! Speak proper now.

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