Dumbed down   12/12/2012

The rot that led to this set in about 20 years ago when dipstick academics decreed that the alphabet should go from the top of the blackboard and winners and losers in the classroom and sports field must disappear.

AUSTRALIAN primary school students have scored the lowest of any English-speaking nation in an international test of reading, shocking education experts who have questioned the standard of teacher training and quality of teaching in the classroom.
In the first international reading test of Australian primary schools, about 25 per cent of the nation’s Year 4 students failed to meet the minimum standard in reading for their age, rising to more than 30 per cent in Queensland and the Northern Territory.
Of the 48 countries tested, Australia ranked 27th, comparable with Bulgaria, Slovenia and Lithuania, and significantly behind the leaders Hong Kong, Russia and Finland, as well as the US and England.

Competition and clear communication are essentials of life in the modern world. To deny a generation preparation for these necessities is a national disgrace.
Someone should be forced to answer for this shameful neglect.

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    13/12/2012 | 10:27 am

    The missus was lucky enough to be posted to an old time phonics flash cards, etc Principalled school first time out and wasn’t inculcated to the Mem Fox ‘whole reading’ crap. Basically it was a middle class notion that if you surround the kids with books they’ll come to an understanding of language contextually in their own good time. Fine for middle class kids with mum and dad reading Dr Seuss, etc at home but whaddya reckon out there in the no go burbs? Hence those Qld and NT higher stats.

    Over the years she also picked up Pommy Prof Jolly’s ‘Jolly Phonics’ program and the parents of her JP kids damn near kill to get their kids into her class. You can’t fool the car park grapevine. She’s also had Prof Jolly visit her personally and has spread the word (small group seminars) to any teachers wanting to understand modern phonics approaches. Bear in mind many of them haven’t a clue about old time methods but they’re often gobsmacked by her results with the dummies and seeing is believing.

    Lots of antipathy from the Mem Fox cult brigade over the years as you can well imagine but those middle class twits are responsible for the illiteracy of far too many. You don’t get that critical connection between the verbal spoken word and its black and white written heiroglyphics very early on and you’re disadvantaged for life. JP is where it’s all at.

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