Like a dose of salts   5/12/2012

Professor Bunyip has come across disturbing information on the lurks and perks available at Labor’s waste of squillions at the Wonthaggi desalination plant.

What’s in the “Agreement” ? There’s the usual list of 26 rostered days off, 12 public holidays, a picnic day, fixed long week ends to coincide with the RDO’s , and super, long service leave, 17.5% holiday loading, annual leave etc. Then there’s termination pay an extra couple of weeks, redundancy allowance $5.44 per hour, clothing allowance, spectacle allowance, 6 monthly pay increases which add up to about $200 per week . About the best one is the LAFHA – living away from home allowance of $700 per week or $36,400 annually – tax free.
In other remote areas of Australia such as the Pilbara the going rate is $400 per week. A form has to be filled in saying they live outside a 60 kilometer radius of the plant. I know of a least one person who lives within the 60 kilometer zone and still receives the living away from home allowance. The LAFHA as regarded as an expected perk and not related to the actual residence of the recipient. Sources have stated up to 95 per cent of the work force are receiving the LAFHA. This makes a mockery of the TD-JV commitment to give locals preference for employment and enforces the reports that the Union are pressurising the recruitment personnel. Workers moved or gave an address out of the area so they could get the LAFA.

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2 Comments for 'Like a dose of salts'

    5/12/2012 | 11:52 am

    It’s like this with slushy Labor Govts and their union mates-
    after the Howard Govt had cleaned up the wharves and taken the big stick to the standover merchants in the building and construction game. They call it Fair Work screwing over their fellow taxpayers and billpayers.

    7/12/2012 | 5:29 pm

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