“Olds” media   4/12/2012

It’s bad enough when media eschews news in favour of celebrity publicity and other trivia. But standards are shown to have really plummeted when mass media accepts old information as news.
Back in the day – as the youngies like to say – if a reporter came across the investigation of a serious crime that had been committed days earlier, he’d pray that his news editor or chief of staff had not got wind of it.
If the boss did learn of it, the reporter could expect a dressing down and a lecture on what the word “news” meant.
Now, it seems reporters and their bosses are quite happy to run stories the cops have hung on to until they’ve run out of leads.
In the past few weeks, Victoria police have released details of sex attacks at least a week after they’ve been committed.
And the media, instead of dressing down the cops for allowing dangerous offenders to remain at large without public knowledge, allow themselves to be treated like bunnies and happily publish the outdated information.
Incidences of police hiding crimes were shown to have reached ridiculous levels this week when the jacks released info of a sensational bank hoax-theft that occurred seven months ago.
Channel Nine news added to the farce last night by proudly announcing their “live” report from outside the bank.
All this in the age of supposed instantaneous information.

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    4/12/2012 | 12:12 pm

    For one of the rare occasions I watched Nine News last night and when that report came on I immediately wondered how I missed it.

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