Separate states   9/11/2012

Oh, the irony of it: A welcome to country ceremony before the First Test against South Africa.
Welcome to country ceremonies are a recent phenomenon for highly regarded Aboriginal MP Bess Price:

The member for Stuart said welcome to country ceremonies were not particularly meaningful to traditional people anyway.
“We don’t do that in communities. It’s just a recent thing,” Ms Price said.
“It’s just people who are trying to grapple at something that they believe should be traditional.”

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    9/11/2012 | 12:28 pm

    Indigenous Australians deserve to be recognized as the original custodians of this nation. Only pathetic ignorant racist rednecks who think god save the queen should still be our anthem disagree. Indigenous Australian have been force off their lands and made to live the European way whilst not being equal citizens for nearly 200 years of British rule. They deserve some recognition as other nations give to their indigenous peoples.This does not seperate us, if anything it unites. But bigots like you do not see that way.

    Bernard Slattery
    9/11/2012 | 12:49 pm

    And what was Mungo Man?

    9/11/2012 | 1:28 pm

    The artifacts found at Lake Mungo have been proven to be a human subspecies that became extinct or had evolved well before the arrival of the Aboriginal,this being your reasoning not to allow recognition just proves further more my comments, the DNA of Mungo man no longer exists and does not match that of any current humans . You obviously dislike Aboriginals and see them as lesser peoples who deserve no recognition in any form.

    I hope a redneck like yourself found the wecome to country ceremony very disturbing & uncomfortable, you should boycott the AFL as well given most clubs especially “progressive” Collingwood & the AFL now recognize the longest standing people of this land.A bigot & a hypocrite like yourself should take up something else, like burning crosses.

    Bernard Slattery
    10/11/2012 | 8:42 am

    Firstly moron Jack/Steve: Using the word Aborigal instead of Aborigine reveals ignorant racism.
    Secondly, your pre-history knowledge is faulty: “Well before the arrival of the Aboriginal”: Most experts accept Aborigines have been here for at least 45,000 years
    About 42,000 years ago, Mungo Man lived around the shores of Lake Mungo with his family.
    (”Proven to be a human subspecies”). Rot, nothing has been proven.
    A time of abundance in the Willandra Lakes system was drawing to a close, but he could still hunt many species of game, including some of the soon-to-be-extinct megafauna. Mungo Man cared for his Country and kept safe the special men’s knowledge. By his lore and ritual activity, he kept the land strong and his culture alive.
    The totally befuddled remain convinced, incorrectly, that scientists had proven that modern people evolved from Aborigines. And some fundamentalist religious groups dismiss the whole debate about human origins as ungodly in the extreme.
    But public confusion and scientific arguments aside, the fact is that a dazzling new piece of evidence about our origins was discovered in the bones of a man who died long, long ago in Australia. Right now, whose theory is right and whose is wrong is a matter of conjecture. Proof will only come when different ancient genes are recovered, ones that both parents pass on to their children.
    Jack/Steve, you are nothing but an offensive troll who can go annoy someone else.

    10/11/2012 | 7:12 pm

    Our Taxes at work to ensure the Racist division of Australians into them and WC’s continues.
    Did I tell you the one about the malay student on ABStudy… (apparently they could not find an A….. to fill the quota in a Town of 50,000) True – Great girl, shame about the rort and the muslim tradition that “prevents” her working once she is chosen to have a family (her words – not mine).

    11/11/2012 | 1:36 pm

    A very silly idea, this “welcome to country.” It is divisive and also a made-up idea.

    Here in Darwin it’s just about been dropped from everywhere over the last five years. That includes the stupid “I acknowledge we are on xxxxx land” – insert name of nearest tribe in place of xxxxx. Given there are 37 tribes or so locally it makes no sense, and also is divisive.

    One Australia for all! Not one Australia where 1% can do as they please on the taxes of the rest!

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