Worrying signs   8/11/2012

Might be time for a visit to the financial adviser.

Investors cast their own vote on the presidential race Wednesday, and the result was a landslide rout that could have lasting repercussions beyond Tuesday’s results.

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    harry buttle
    8/11/2012 | 12:27 pm

    I made my decision as soon as I knew the result of the US election, the photovoltaics and battery bank go on next weekend and I’ll start work on a big chook run, greenhouse and veggie patch in the very near future. why? the US owes 16.25 trillion dollars, Obamas plans call for it to hit 20 trillion in this coming term (which means 24 trillion is more likely), throw in the job suppressing aspects of Obamacare, the added costs it will bring and the punitive taxes on wealth creators in the US and they are headed for depression at best, that will take down the EU (if the EU hasn’t gone first), throw China into chaos as the middle class won’t agree to becoming peasants again and all of the above will drag Aust down hard, at least Mr Swan and Ms Gillard have been assiduously working to cushion our fall (sarc).

    Brian of Thirlmere
    9/11/2012 | 9:21 am

    On ABC1’s main nightly news bulletin on Wednesday night, finance reporter, Alan Kohler, declared that (financial) markets prefer Democrats, referring to President Obama’s election victory.
    Hmm. Right again, Alan.

    11/11/2012 | 7:22 am

    It wasn’t a landslide rout. Obama won a bare majority of votes. At this point of the counting, I think he’s ahead by a out two percentage points in the popular vote. Obama won, but it’s not a landslide.

    A landslide is Nixon winning every state but Massachusetts or Reagan winning every state but Minnesota.

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