Commos correct for once   7/11/2012

Lefties forever rant about how dumb Americans are, ignoring obvious monuments to the advance of civilisation such as virile democracy, ever-increasing prosperity and world changing innovations and inventions.
Regrettably, I must for once agree with the lame-brained left when it comes to almost half the US voting population.
Eastern Europe rejected socialism 20-odd years ago, the Euro nations are seeing how socialism has turned their economies into basket cases and Australians will soon send packing a socialist mob of idiots who know nothing about real achievers.
Yet, the dummies of America’s big cities use their vote to embrace socialism and ensure a downhill slide for everything that once made their nation the brilliant light of modern civilisation. Knowing that rationals will be able to say “told you so”, almost from the outset, is meagre consolation.

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    7/11/2012 | 10:48 pm

    America has been going down the toilet under both Democrat and Republican presidents for many decades now. George W Bush left that nation a complete mess in 2008 with a 10 trillion dollar debt , Obama since then has made things much worse.

    Bernie once again choosing to ignore the truth & facts. Another major part adding to the economic collapse of the USA is the fact it spends nearly double than the rest of the world on weapons & its military. This is why this nation is going down the gurgler because of its lust for power. Only a complete ignoramus fails to see this.

    nation is going down the gurgler

    Brian of Thirlmere
    8/11/2012 | 10:36 am

    Steve, I would have said that your America obsession borders on the psychotic, but it’s way beyond that, I’m afraid.
    You’re deeply delusional when it comes to your own intellect, and, more disturbingly, the moral superiority you’re convinced you possess. Neither of which is true.
    Your cherry-picking of history as evidenced in recent comments is not nearly as troubling as your cherry-picking of victims. You even had the gall to mention Syria in a recent comment condemning the U.S. without any reference whatsoever to helicopter gunships, courtesy of the Russians; China’s defence of a monster – make that, another monster – and weaponry supplied to rebels by the Gulf States. All inconvenient, I gather, to your obscenely indulgent worldview. A worldview that repeatedly singles out Iraq, yet coldly ignores (or worse, is totally ignorant of) a catastrophe which, in the U.N.’s words, was ‘the world’s worst humanitarian crisis’ for two years running, which played out concurrently in the West Darfur region of Sudan, with barely a whimper from virtuous characters like you. Again, a catastrophe aided and abetted by Russia and China – and for oil, no less! And forget about the 1000-a-day death toll in the DRC, if you’ve ever even given it a thought at all.

    Unless Bernie has more knowledge about you than I do, you don’t sound like a crazy, old loony to me; more like a Lisa Simpson-style, adolescent activist, spurred into fashionable ‘outrage’ by an SBS-style schlockumentary. One, which like you, ignores many, many inconvenient facts, and whose sole purpose is an utterly shameless and insulting exercise in petty point-scoring.
    Ironic, isn’t it, that those most likely to decry the worst excesses of Western decadence and self-interest, are almost always its worst examples?

    8/11/2012 | 2:57 pm

    Brian, many nations commit crimes, the USSR was one of most evil regimes to exist. The Chinese government has commited so many crimes against humanity but Australia & the US still benefits from teading with this extreme leftist state. What are your opinions on trading with such extremist states with such a murderous history.

    Brian you can not refute anything I have said about the US in reference to its dirty deals of the past. I do not care what you about my intelligence but if you had any point to be made to me about the facts I have stated then you would at least try to refute my comments with facts another than mumbo jumbo. I feel no need to tell you what is so obvious about that.

    10/11/2012 | 10:42 pm

    The right wing government of Sarkozy did France a good job clocking up all that debt and Berlusconi was one of the most corrupt conservative politicians ever. George W Bush left a 10 trillion debt which was made worse by Obama. For sure many left wing governments have done lousy jobs but it takes a person of complete ignorance to think conservative governments have run everything properly in this world.

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