Keeping secrets   3/11/2012

This just gets murkier by the day.

TWO disgraced union officials were able to sell a Melbourne terrace house and keep fraudulently obtained money after Julia Gillard failed to disclose to the union’s national leadership, or to authorities, the existence of a secret slush fund she had helped set up for them.
Documents examined by The Weekend Australian show that at the time of the sale in February 1996 the leadership of the AWU, Bill Ludwig and Ian Cambridge, still had no inkling that a slush fund bearing the union’s name had ever been established.
The AWU heavyweights could not take legal action to stop the sale because they lacked any knowledge of either the slush fund or of the terrace house that had been purchased by the slush fund.
The AWU was the client of Ms Gillard and of her employer, Slater & Gordon. However, the slush fund that bore the name of the union was never disclosed to the union heads by either the solicitor or her firm.

The bloke most responsible for keeping this matter churning, Michael Smith, has some interesting background on Gillard’s ex-lover.

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    harry buttle
    3/11/2012 | 11:33 am

    keep in mind that Julias boyfriend was in the process of a divorce at the time, she didn’t just help conceal the asset from the union, she helped conceal it from the wife and kids. classy.

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