No news is ABC news   2/11/2012

Yesterday’s Question Time in Federal Parliament had drama to match anything of Shakespeare’s. Repeatedly, deputy opposition leader Julie Bishop fixed her steely glare on Julia Gillard and cobra-like fired lethal queries at the PM about the slush fund she set up with union cronies in the nineties. Gillard huffed, blustered and wriggled like a mongoose on a hunter’s spear, convincing no one of her innocence in this matter.
For instance:

Ms JULIE BISHOP (Curtin—Deputy Leader of the Opposition) (14:59): Given the Prime Minister’s involvement in the power of attorney in early 1993 and in the defamation case in late 1993, how can the Prime Minister continue to claim, as she did to journalists at her press conference on 23 August, that her involvement in the AWU fund ceased in early 1992?
Ms GILLARD (Lalor—Prime Minister) (14:59): I continue to stand by what I said at that press conference. What I said at that press conference was the truth. Can I suggest to the deputy leader of the opposition she does not want to believe everything that she reads in the newspapers. I have also read in some articles in the newspapers that I gave ‘an impromptu press conference’, which is a reference to one of the longest and most detailed prime ministerial press conferences ever given, where I answered every question that the press gallery had.

It was a parliamentary performance that should have led every TV news bulletin last night, yet the national broadcaster completely ignored it.
The ABC is either thoroughly incompetent or completely bereft of journalistic ethics in failing to inform the public of this political sensation.
The opposition should go on the front foot and use this disgraceful cover-up as justification for slashing the ABC budget or, better still, placing the whole sorry organisation on the auction block.
Why should taxpayers fund the indulgences of tired old Marxist goatee-strokers and bitter misandrists?

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