And your’s wears army boots   30/10/2012

The Australian today reveals that Julia Gillard regarded our wives and mothers as prostitutes:

In 1983 – the year she was elected AUS president – an AUS annual council defeated heavily a call to oppose “all acts of terrorism and political violence”. Furthermore, the AUS annual council declined to recognise the rights of religious clubs and societies at universities to “express their views on campus” or to have access to campus facilities. The AUS declared 1983 to be the International Year of the Lesbian. It also adopted a policy on prostitution which said, in part: “Prostitution takes many forms and is not only the exchange of money for sex. Prostitution in marriage is the transaction of sex in return for love, security and housekeeping.” This bizarre statement made headlines across Australia. Anti-AUS student activists produced posters with the slogan: “AUS says your mother is a prostitute!”

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