Rank hypocrites   10/10/2012

Cripes, a day’s a long time in politics.

JULIA Gillard has been left holding a knife-edge working majority of one seat after Peter Slipper dramatically resigned last night, just hours after the Prime Minister drew on the support of two independents and the sole Greens MP to save the Speaker from a bid to oust him from the chair for degrading women.

After Gillard’s dangerous recruitment of Slipper backfired so spectacularly, I suspect Kevin Rudd is working the phones like an SP bookie.
But how about the selective outrage of Labor ministers yesterday, supporting the vile Slipper while hammering Tony Abbott for allegedly being a ”misogynist”?
Janet Albrechtsen nails the blatant hypocrisy of the ”handbag hit squad” and the lack of political and legal nous shown by an attorney-general who has never worked in the real world.

In question time yesterday, Gillard decided to stand by her man. It was an unedifying spectacle to watch her cling to a tarnished Speaker just to secure an extra vote on the floor of the chamber. Instead of denouncing Slipper, Gillard ramped up an attack against Tony Abbott. In an emotional voice, she said the Opposition Leader was sexist and a misogynist. She would “not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man”, Gillard said. “Not now. Not ever.”
Slipper’s shameful texts about female genitalia should have unleashed the ire of the feisty “handbag hit squad” that so fearlessly exposes every hint of misogyny in Canberra and beyond. There is no point looking wonderfully earnest about these matters if you are not also intellectually consistent. Alas, Labor’s breathtaking double standards form only one part of what has been a fiasco from beginning to end. Even before yesterday’s dramatic turn of events, the conduct of the nation’s Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, ensured that the Slipper affair will go down in Australian political history as the definition of desperation, poor judgment and hypocrisy.

Another intellectually strong woman, Judith Sloan, has a scornful last word:

The really troubling implication of this showdown is that Gillard will now mispresent any criticims of her peformance and the performance of her government as examples of sexism and misogyny. She will play this card, even if it is the lowest trick in the book, constantly portraying herself as a helpless victim. A sad day for feminism.
Come off it, Julia. I say just suck it up.

Nick Leys reveals another instance of rank double standards from the Left in regard to the digusting Slipper:

THE social media campaign raging against Alan Jones has not been matched by any similar degree of vitriol against Peter Slipper for his misogynist comments, giving some indication of the politics behind the campaign against the broadcaster.
Since the broadcaster’s comments about Julia Gillard’s deceased father were made public 10 days ago, anti-Jones campaigners have shown just how effective Twitter and Facebook can be.
But despite his offensive comments released this week comparing female genitalia to mussels, Slipper has so far escaped the same rigorous condemnation.

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2 Comments for 'Rank hypocrites'

    10/10/2012 | 10:12 pm

    Some of us remember the left’s absolute hypocrisy so don’t lecture us about misogyny Labor gals-

    10/10/2012 | 10:31 pm

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