Incompetence exposed   19/3/2004

Everyone likes to see a smug arsehole get his comeuppance. Red Kerry O’Brien copped his last night on the 7.30 Report from US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage:
KERRY O’BRIEN: But it’s just over three months away from that handover now and no-one can agree on an election date even for an interim government in Iraq.
They can’t agree on how the vote should be conducted and the UN’s position on that is far from clear?

RICHARD ARMITAGE: I think while you slept, others were working, Sir.

KERRY O’BRIEN: Are you comfortable with the way America brought forward the date of its political handover to Iraq to June 30 and the strong perception that the deadline was dictated more by President Bush’s need to reduce the weight of a potential political millstone from around his neck leading into your own presidential election rather than consideration for Iraq?

RICHARD ARMITAGE: Well I think the way you put that I’d have to respond with an eight-letter word.
The word of course would be ‘nonsense’.

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    21/3/2004 | 9:04 pm

    O’Brien had to be either drunk or high on optimism to believe that he could try an end-run around someone of Armitage’s mettle.

    Where does the ABC find these people Slatts? Do they have some kind of hobo-outreach program?

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