Hack stack   14/3/2009

Wonder if the Queensland Opposition is game to make a big deal out of this.
Amanda Meade’s Diary column in The Australian’s Media section this week revealed that the Courier Mail’s newsroom is cluttered with former Labor hacks.

. . . so many of the paper’s senior staff are former Labor staffers. They include: national affairs editor Dennis Atkins, a former Labor press secretary to Wayne Goss; Paul Syvret, who writes a daily economics column and was press secretary to former Labor Treasurer David Hammil; managing director Anna Reynolds, a press secretary to former Labor justice minister Dean Wells; political commentator Craig Johnstone, until recently a media chief in the Government’s infrastructure department; senior leader writer Greg Chamberlin, a press secretary for Labor in opposition; senior reporter Liz Allen, a Peter Beattie press secretary; and assistant editor Robert McDonald, a Beattie economics adviser.

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    20/3/2009 | 7:12 am

    But Bernie, there’s balance! Journo Brendan O’Malley is the boyfriend of the Greens senate candidate Larissa Waters. See Greens + Labor = balanced political coverage.

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