Please yourself history   30/11/2008

Socialists are infamous for distorting history.
But most wait until a little more than five years have passed before getting dodgy with historical facts.
Such finicky matters seem not to worry Sunday Age cartoonist Matt Golding, who would have you believe the 2003 invasion of Iraq prompted the 2001 World Trade Center attack. Not to mention earlier evil acts by al-qaeda.

A tool in every sense.

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    30/11/2008 | 7:26 pm

    Deccan Mujahideen if it existed would mean ‘from Southern India’ but since they came from the North and Pakistan it was just a red herring thrown out to confuse. (They speak Punjabi or Urdu, not any of the Deccan languages)

    He also doesn’t seem to realise India has had Muslim problems since long before Iraq was even created by the British.

    Another solipsistic boomer narcissist.

    30/11/2008 | 8:15 pm

    Would he be pro-choice in this particular case?

    30/11/2008 | 8:41 pm

    This cartoon is stupid. But Islamic extremism has been fueled by the actions of western governments. The whole creation of the jewish state in 1948 could have been handled better with the displacement of Palestinian people from their homes. Then there was Britains negative influences in Iran and the removal of Moseddeq who nationalised Irans oil against the wishes of the west and was only to be replaced by a pro-western dictator the Shah who murdered opposition groups to the benefit of the west. This caused the hatred of the west in Iran and brought on the Islamic revolution of 1979.Then the Reagan government lied to Saddam Hussein about Iran invading and imposing sharia law. This lie started the Iran-Iraq war which the US backed the murderous dictator Saddam Hussein against Iran. Then the corrupt Reagan administration sold arms to Iran to benefit central American anti communist rebels. The Iran-Contra affair.
    The US is fueling the hatred in Pakistan by killing innocent people there. Only a complete moron would think the United States government are complete angels and are 100% pure and innocent. The US is no different to Russia,Iran,Iraq or Afghanistan. look at former presidents like JFK,Nixon,Reagan,Bush snr,Bill Clinton and the current idiot in the white house.

    30/11/2008 | 9:28 pm

    It’s amazing. Everything but everything is the fault of the evil Amerikkka. On Obama’s watch everything wrong will be Bush’s fault and everything good is the Big O’s achievements.

    These people make me so tired…

    Dave Wane
    30/11/2008 | 9:57 pm

    With respect, do you have some difficulty with the basic concept of chronological order?

    Act Rationally
    30/11/2008 | 10:04 pm

    Hmmmm….most of these groups existed before 2001…..but lets not let the facts get in the way of bashing the U.S.

    30/11/2008 | 10:54 pm

    Don’t you think he is just succinctly expressing the well-accepted point that Iraq has become a recruitment poster for terrorist groups?

    It’s obvious, and rather neatly done.

    1/12/2008 | 4:12 am

    This is so stupid. These groups were around before 9/11 or the War in Iraq. This cartoonist is an idiot.

    1/12/2008 | 9:03 am

    AQ = 1988

    JI = 1993


    daddy dave
    1/12/2008 | 10:02 am

    Don’t you think he is just succinctly expressing the well-accepted point that Iraq has become a recruitment poster for terrorist groups?

    if it’s so well accepted, how come he can’t name any groups that were produced by the Iraq invasion?
    You are correc that he is merely “expressing” a popular belief… but the belief is wrong, and this is shown by the fact that he can’t create a factually accurate version of the cartoon. If it was accurate, it wouldn’t convey the point he wants to make.

    1/12/2008 | 12:04 pm

    Oh…My…God. How absolutely moronic and clueless this “cartoonist” must be. Matt Golding shows all the signs of a non-thinking leftarded America-hater. Hey Matt, I suppose Americans are responsible for the death of the dinosaurs, the fall of the Roman empire. Ok, lets just say that Americans are totally to blame for everything that is bad in the UNIVERSE and have been ever since the big-bang. There now, the left is appeased.

    2/12/2008 | 12:33 am

    Don’t you think he is just succinctly expressing the well-accepted point that Iraq has become a recruitment poster for terrorist groups?

    It’s obvious, and rather neatly done.

    No, it’s lame and ignorant of history.

    Let’s see, we had –

    * Al-Qaeda attacking Americans in Somalia in 1993
    * the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993
    * the Khobar Towers attack in 1996
    * the two embassy bombings in Africa in 1998
    * the USS Cole bombing in 2000
    * the 9/11 attack in 2001
    * the synagogue attack in Tunisia in 2002
    * the Bali bombings in 2002
    * numerous attacks in the Phillipines by Abu Sayyaf all through those years
    * Many other smaller attacks too numerous to detail here

    In other words, multiple attacks in multiple countries by multiple groups all PRECEEDING the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Only a blind man thinks history started with the removal of Saddam. It’s by essentially ignoring those earlier developments that we’ve even gotten to the point we’re at now. History is replete with examples of small problems becoming big problems when squeamish types like Matt Golding opposed doing something about them when they were manageable. When you wait, that’s when tens of millions die, instead of tens of thousands.

    2/12/2008 | 9:43 am

    One thing that I can blame America for with certainty is helping to save my country from the Japanese Imperial Forces.


    2/12/2008 | 10:53 am

    The blame America first posters are guilt ridden self haters. Like the terrorists in Mumbai, London, Bali, Madrid and on 9/11 they despise the moden world. I’m sick of the f***ing creeps. Wait until downtown Sydney’s a target, then try to tell the victims it’s their own fault. Wankers.

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