Singer’s off-note   31/3/2006

Vapours-prone Herald Sun columnist Jill Singer is one of those bourgeois bolsheviks who regards the proletariat as truly lumpen.
Thus, she is sceptical of any real affection in the hoi polloi’s vocal support for Melbourne Lord Mayor John So. In Singer’s world, the yobbos are all dumb and evil. Hurrahs for So are hence decidedly suspect.

But I’m not so sure about this theory of racial harmony.
Consider Matt Price in The Weekend Australian (March 25), who wrote that John So is a contrived cult figure who has raised clumsy self-deprecation to a performance art by laughing along with those who mock his thick Asian accent.
Perhaps this is not racist, but it is certainly patronising and cruel.

The same crowds mobbed and cheered John Howard wherever he went at the Commonwealth Games. The aforementioned Matt Price admitted he had no explanation whatsoever for this phenomenon. After all, the likes of him and Singer have been telling the punters for years that Howard is to be despised.
Here’s a news flash for lefty columnists: the culture war is in full fury and the mainstream know all about it, and most importantly, which side they’re on. They’re backing the forces of individual responsibility, skilled creativity, family values, a fair go and respect for anyone who has a dip.
Their enemy promotes victimhood, statist solutions from cradle to grave, social and cultural divisions, postmodern mumbo jumbo and the establishment and maintenance of an underclass.

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    Thomas the Tout
    31/3/2006 | 4:54 pm

    For some reason my mind today was musing about ‘the class enemy’.
    No longer working class vs capitalists, but rather the distinction is as indicated by Bernard.
    The distinction I first drew was administrators and bureaucrats vs the common man – regulators vs individualists.
    Allied to that are the bolsheviks who have infiltrated the powerful institutions of today ( viz. media, particularly public media) vs the ordinary citizen.
    I am hoping that we can revive the barbed phrase of ‘class enemy’ but this time direct it at the said bolsheviks.

    31/3/2006 | 5:05 pm

    I agree. The mainstream do know all about it. And that’s Labor’s problem. Every time they speak, they speak with forked tongue.

    Michael Gill
    31/3/2006 | 8:04 pm

    Jill Singer is a scold.
    Lefties have no sense of humour.
    Despite MSM bias they are losing the wars big-time and they know it and hate it.

    David Revelman
    1/4/2006 | 12:35 am

    Reply to Thomas the Tout,
    I would like to revive “Enemy of the People” in its non-Orwellian sense.

    1/4/2006 | 1:44 pm
    1/4/2006 | 5:07 pm

    Now why didn’t I see this obvious racial conspiracy of Melbournites voting in John So and so, just so they could all take the piss out of him at the Commonwealth Games. We did the same in Adelaide by voting in Vietnamese immigrant Alfred Huang so we could take the piss. We racists are getting more subtle and devious in our old age you know.

    3/4/2006 | 3:58 pm

    Jill Singer rambles on a bit. I wonder what she was trying to write about?

    Step one: figure out what you’re trying to say.
    Then say it so the readers understand.

    Jill got stuck somewhere before step one.

    4/4/2006 | 1:46 pm

    At the risk of being repetitive, be reminded that La Singer is a very balanced femme – she has a chip on both shoulders. And, boy, does she ramble – all over the place.

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