Big shots in big strife   30/3/2006

Because I was running late for a terrific lunch yesterday, I’m a day late linking to this ball-biter of a story.
Can’t wait to learn who is involved.
AUSTRALIA’S largest tax evasion investigation involving prominent Australian celebrities, lawyers and business identities has dramatically widened to include allegations of official corruption, drug-running and people-smuggling.
Investigators in Operation Wickenby have detailed the scope of allegations – including possible bribery of commonwealth officials and money-laundering through casinos – surrounding the scheme, estimated to have cost the Government at least $300 million in lost revenues.

No follow-up today in The Australian, but I can’t see this disappearing down a plughole.
The Sydney Morning Herald is on to it and is a little more specific on the suspect list:
The Swiss papers, among dozens of boxes of documents seized from Geneva firm Strachans, relate to nine core groups of suspects including film identities, the entrepreneur behind a large Sydney listed company, and a number of prominent lawyers and business identities.

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