Bait for the gullible   22/3/2006

All hail the next garage-start techno zillionaires

Dr Gaylon Murphy, a cardiovascular surgeon from Aliso Viejo, and Steve Zingali, an engineer in Mission Viejo, built the fleet of carbon fibre-reinforced foam flying saucers in their garages.
The discs are 3ft in diameter, about 1in thick, weigh less than 17oz and can reach 40mph powered by a tiny electric motor. The flashing lights are fitted around the edge of the disc.
“We fly them in formation. It’s pretty funny,” Dr Murphy told the Los Angeles Times. “People stop, people scream; one cab driver ran his car off the road.”
The men have already sold four flight-ready saucers for $1,000 (£570) each.

Imagine the fun in launching them over an anti-war protest.

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2 Comments for 'Bait for the gullible'

    22/3/2006 | 2:48 pm

    I’ll look into getting a couple and taking them over to Roswell New Mexico during their annual flying saucer festival. Should be fun.

    3/4/2006 | 12:25 pm

    “weigh less than 17oz”: wouldn’t weigh about 1 lb, would it?

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