Blow by blow account   20/3/2006

As always with the big stories, Tim Blair’s site is right on top of Cyclone Larry. Commenters are speculating on when Howard gets the blame.
I blame Imre and Condi Rice. Last week Salusinszky
wrote that Rice brought to mind Neil Young’s “You are like a hurricane There’s calm in your eye.”

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    21/3/2006 | 6:10 am

    PM was asked on TV last night, ‘When are you going to send the troops in?’ (Or ‘Isn’t it time to send the troops in…’).

    Feds invading opposition-ruled region. In some countries it would be the perfect opportunity to seize control. Aussies wouldn’t even think of it. Is the world crazy or are we?

    21/3/2006 | 12:16 pm


    23/3/2006 | 8:31 am

    It’s happened this morning: `The Govt. is not doing enough’.
    Tomorrow morning, no doubt, the line will be, `Howard conspired to let Cairnites suffer during the Cyclone and its aftermath. ‘

    On the thrid day , it will be:
    `Because Howard refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty, he caused the cyclone. It was a deliberate conspiracy to kill Cairnites.’

    When Parliament resumes, Beazley, sniffing one of his `vote-winning issues’ and scandal of ascandals,will be in full cry, taking up the above smears and then asserting, `When did the P.M. know not signing Kyoto would cause this devestation, why did he suppress the relevant document? That’s Question Time. In an M.I.P.:

    `…For we have the smoking gun the Govt. knew all along way, back in Kyoto,not signing the treaty would ensure that the most catastrophic cyclone in Asutralian history would occur. What we have is an evil conspiracy by the Govt. to manufacture a cyclone such as just hit Cairns, costing so many lives.

    It is worse than disgraceful conduct on the part of the Prime minister and Cabinet, it is a shocking, vile and evil plot ccoked up between them to cause a major disaster.
    We’ve had Howard supplying arms, terrorists and WMDS by sending funds to Saddam via the AWB, and now this! Tghis.. how could the P.M. have sunk so low.’

    Sceptics might check Beazley’s perorations to date in Hansard and will thus discover, it’s just the sort of line Beazley might take and the sort of speech he would deliver.

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