Dumb and dumber   18/3/2006

What do leftie academics want? A whole new generation of underclass dummies? A largely privatised education system from kindergarten to masters that will take more from the pockets of lower earners? A worldwide revolt against leftie academics? Reckon that’s what they’ll get.
ENGLISH school students in Western Australia could pass their final-year exam without reading a book or being able to spell, punctuate or use correct grammar.

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    18/3/2006 | 6:35 pm

    Dumbing down the population makes a lot of sense when you consider that 99% of lefty beliefs do not stand up when questioned logically.

    Ergo – only a population ignorant of logic and rational thinking, ignorant of history, and unable to compose a sentence in its own language would fall for such illogical nonsense as multiculturalism, the victim mentality, the welfare state, and the rest of the lefty nonsense we have been subjected to over the past few decades.

    The majority of letters to the editor defending the ‘look-and-guess’ theory of teaching children to read have been – teachers! They claim that this method works well for 70% of children. Judging by the levels of illiteracy among young people that I see every day, ignorance of spelling and grammar is almost universal.

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