Yet they publish her   13/3/2006

By any stretch, Saddam Hussein is a brutal bastard.
During the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq’s Sunni-dominated regime arrested thousands of Shiite Muslims on charges of supporting the 1979 Iranian Revolution; many have never been accounted for. Nearly 500,000 Shiites fled to Iran. After the Gulf War, Iraqi forces shelled and shot thousands of Shiites who were hiding in the country’s southern marshlands after a failed revolt. Hussein also razed towns and drained marshlands. Thousands of Shiites, including hundreds of clerics and their students, were imprisoned without charge, “disappeared” or were executed. Many Shiite shrines and institutions were demolished. Again, thousands of Shiites fled the area, some to Iran. In 1999, Ayatollah al Sayyid Mohammad Sadiq al Sadr, the most senior Shiite cleric in Iraq, was assassinated.

Slobbo Milosevic was also a nasty piece of work:
In April 1992, the U.S. and European Community chose to recognize the independence of Bosnia, a mostly Muslim country where the Serb minority made up 32 percent of the population. Milosevic responded to Bosnia’s declaration of independence by attacking Sarajevo, its capital city, best known for hosting the 1984 Winter Olympics. Sarajevo soon became known as the city where Serb snipers continually shot down helpless civilians in the streets, including eventually over 3,500 children.
Bosnian Muslims were hopelessly outgunned. As the Serbs gained ground, they began to systematically roundup local Muslims in scenes eerily similar to those that had occurred under the Nazis during World War II, including mass shootings, forced repopulation of entire towns, and confinement in make-shift concentration camps for men and boys. The Serbs also terrorized Muslim families into fleeing their villages by using rape as a weapon against women and girls.

And Chinese and North Korean authorities act atrociously against non-Marxists:
WASHINGTON – The martyrdom of Christians in North Korea, which U.S. taxpayers continue to subsidize, seems to be escalating as the crisis of the Stalinist-run country gets worse, United Press International has learned.
Chinese authorities have rounded up and repatriated North Korean Christians who had sought refuge and been catechized on Chinese territory.
“We have reports that these refugees had wires driven through their wrists and noses. By these wires they were led back into North Korea,” said Thomas White, head of the U.S. section of the organization Voice of the Martyrs.
Jeff King, president of International Christian Concern, told UPI that this forced repatriation was due to the worldwide attention North Korean escapees on the Chinese side of the border had received in the last few months.

But the above monsters are lambs compared with you sadistic Australian bastards. So says frequent writer to the Australian blats, the highly-reasoned Marilyn Shepherd of Kensington, South Australia who comments in The Age today:
Stop, enough already. Australia has never, ever been so bloody cruel, but now that we have proved we can be the harshest bastards on earth, (my incredulous emphasis) we can call it a day.

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7 Comments for 'Yet they publish her'

    13/3/2006 | 3:01 pm

    Don’t worry about it Slatts. Its all part of the oh so cool self loathing mindset of certain people.

    Its the grown up equivalent of the teenage angst, “No one understands me, I’m so dark and brooding”.

    13/3/2006 | 3:42 pm

    slatts I spent ten years doing refugee assessment, hearing evidence about countries like the ones you mention, and it still amazes me to hear aussie idiots likening our government to those odious regimes

    13/3/2006 | 5:17 pm

    Its the grown up equivalent of the teenage angst, “No one understands me, I’m so dark and brooding”

    Well said. To which you can add “and interesting and sexually available (for the right man of appropriate philosophical maturity and economic means).”

    13/3/2006 | 5:53 pm

    Bernie, 8.30pm tonight Liz Jackson tells the truth about the Cronulla riots.

    Compulsory viewing for neocon bloggers I think. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

    Bernard Slattery
    13/3/2006 | 6:37 pm

    On the job, Charles. Leave it in your capable hands.

    14/3/2006 | 11:05 am

    Has anyone noticed how the Age has not a whisper of the ALP’s troubles in the last few days? at least not on its website that I can see. Beazley falls to his lowest levels of approval ever and the Age doesn’t cover it. No mention of the Beazley/Crean talks; no Rudd and no Gillard. Amazing.

    15/3/2006 | 10:02 pm

    Jim said:

    To which you can add “and interesting and sexually available (for the right man of appropriate philosophical maturity and economic means).”

    I suggest you check out to find out if marilyn meets your criteria. She is about half way down the page.

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