Not just the fish stinking   10/3/2006

The manmade fish pictured below (click to enlarge) on the Yarra in Melbourne are for reasons far beyond my ken connected to the Commonwealth Games beginning next week.
I took the pic last Friday. Which was probably just as well because if I’d taken it tonight, when organisers are rehearsing the Games’ opening ceremony, I could have been up for a $240,000 fine.
The Bracks Government, which has shown with its anti-vilification laws it has no respect for free speech, is threatening to fine media outlets which publish images taken during these rehearsals. Never mind that the rehearsals are on public property.
As usual, the spineless, inept Victorian Opposition is mute about this transgression of basic civic rights.
No one is saying it out loud yet, but the Games are threatening to turn into a flop with thousands of overpriced tickets unsold, big sporting names pulling out and huge numbers of Melburnians greatly inconvenienced by detours and road closures.
And proving yet again that no one can turn an economy belly-up as completely as a Victorian Labor Government, Bracks’ crew has managed to run up a bill of more than $2 billion from initial estimates of $160 million.
And still nothing from Popeye Doyle and his duds in the Opposition.
Perhaps they’re keeping their powder dry until all the invoices are in. By waiting to dump until after the Games they avoid appearing as spoil-sports. Maybe, but I think Popeye’s just chicken-shit about upsetting Liberal tzar and Games supremo Ron Walker.

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4 Comments for 'Not just the fish stinking'

    Stephen Williams
    11/3/2006 | 12:10 am

    It’s overpriced B garde sports carnival that will run short of paying customers. Like you said Bracks and co are complete morons witha thing for censorship and incompetance but the libs do nothing

    John L Devlin
    11/3/2006 | 1:46 am

    Like so many I discovered that the best thing about Melbourne is the road out of it. Made that decision in 1970. Woohoo!!! Victoria has been a train wreck post Bolte although Kennett was looking really good until the headswell set in. Joan Kirner? Don’t get me started. Now the Dhimmi state with a dimwit Premier, Victoria may be beyond redemption.
    Go north young man.
    Joh Bjelke’s gone ….more’s the pity….but still a great place to be despite the grinning fool now masquerading as a Premier.
    They say Joh was corrupt… well Duh!
    A corrupt politician?…could such a thing exist?
    I’m shocked. Shocked! Could it be true?

    11/3/2006 | 9:12 am

    I had no time for Hamer, put Lindsay Thompson was a good premier. The collapse started when Cain was elected, rather than when Bolte left.

    13/3/2006 | 6:19 am

    John, I’m starting to think you are on to something. I’ve always been in love with Melbourne over everywhere else I’ve visited.

    These days, however, the outlook is so bleak with Bracks ‘in charge’ and the Libs doing 9/10ths of SFA. My major concern is: where to go?

    I am so not looking forward to the next election. Can’t we just sack them?

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