Mad about Howard   9/3/2006

Ancient leftie scribe Mungo McCallum pleads with Crikey for equal time in the abuse hour, suggesting that if Crikey refers to the likes of him as a Howard-hater, it should call PM supporters Howard-huggers.
Stupid Mungo must be sitting too close to the bongs up in Byron Bay. The hatred displayed by the irrelevant left can’t plausibly be balanced by terms such as “Howard-hugger”, unless PM supporters start likening him to the messiah or calling for his canonisation.
I don’t think much of lefty commentators like McCallum, Ramsey or Adams, but I don’t hate them. Likewise, leaders from the other side of politics like Beazley, Brown or whoever’s in charge of the Democrats this week might be inept and philosophically on the wrong tram, but I don’t hate them.
But revealingly, Mungo and comrades revel in their hatred. Yet, hatred by a supposedly learned commentator in Australian politics for a liberal democrat, albeit a conservative one like Howard, is simply irrational. If Howard acted like Saddam Hussein, Joe Stalin or Mao Tse Tung and had personally harmed them or theirs, one could perhaps understand hatred; although revenge would be more useful. But this is John Howard for Christ’s sake, he holds elections. He’s won four.
Yet his supporters are not as obsessive as those opponents who delight in their hatred. That’s irrationality bordering on madness.

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5 Comments for 'Mad about Howard'

    9/3/2006 | 4:50 pm

    I hate Bob Brown.

    9/3/2006 | 5:24 pm

    I would take great delight in being called a Howard Hugger, then everybody would know that I do my best to help look after my country and her citizens. I also just love being called an Aussie, I do not object even if it is politically incorrect???

    Michael Gill
    10/3/2006 | 10:24 am

    They hate him because he is actively dismantling all the leftist “achievements” of the last 30 years. If he stays in power another few years they won’t recognise “their Australia” but the do realise that they won’t get it back in their lifetimes.

    Slightly Off Topic, what do you make of Brack’s new retrospective laws providing for $240,000 fines for broadcasters revealing details of the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.

    It seems to me another case of the Bracks government trampling free speech in this state. Out it together with the Racial Vilification Bill and the new Bill of Rights which has been introduced without any real community consultation and you are looking at a really arrogant government without ANY Opposition.

    You never hear Doyle on any of this stuff. He seems to agree with it. He’s a dill who has to go quickly.

    10/3/2006 | 11:04 am

    Isn’t it just toooooo delicious how Johnnie’s popularity gets up the collective nose of the Luvvies?

    10/3/2006 | 11:27 am

    I do actually ‘hate’ the feral Left – although I dont waste my time feeling resentful or ‘maintaining the rage’.

    These people have destroyed the stable world we knew and replaced it with a world where it is no longer safe to walk down the street; where standards of public decency no longer exist (just ask Pat O’Shane); where we have had Islamic thugs and religious fanatics forced upon us; where ordinary Australians are vilified as ‘racists’ but terrorist supporters and illegal immigrants are given free rein; where it is acceptable for teenage girls to have babies and sponge off taxpayers for the rest of their lives .. need I go on.

    Almost all the problems Australia has now can be placed at the door of the feral Left. Who in their right mind wouldnt ‘hate’ them.

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