Token concern   4/3/2006

Tracee (“ee” – remembered with affectation) Hutchinson recalls her growing awareness of woman matters:

It was here that I started to learn of the circumstances of women not blessed with the same geographical and economic birthrights as my own, women living under Taliban oppression, women forced into sex slavery and human trafficking, the systemic rape of women as a tool of war, women being stoned to death for adultery and the culturally entrenched practices of genital mutilation, to name a few.

But then along came Maggie Thatcher and young sluts.
Some things can be just so distractive.

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    13/3/2006 | 6:36 am

    “As a born-again feminist, I can’t remember a time that we needed to reach out to one another more. International Women’s Day on Wednesday is for quiet reflection and loud solidarity. It is a day to honour the women who inspire and nurture us and for our sisters around the globe who might do things a little differently given the chance; I still believe that.”

    Should read: As a born again feminist, I can sit here and bleat about how hard done by I and all my sisters are without actually doing something. I can still fight the good fight and be home for dinner.

    Well, as someone who has considered herself a feminist for the last 20-odd years (most of my life), I find her attitude offensive. Warm fuzzies are all very well, but they won’t change the world.

    You have a platform on the world stage, Tracee, and you are using it to whine. How about you use it to publicise the plight of women in Malaysia, or Iran, or the Sudan?

    How about all of those women in Britain who are trapped in a third-world mindset while their menfolk take advantage of a first-world lifestyle?

    How about something practical like tracking down practitioners of FGM and outing them? The ones that work illegally with some communities in our suburban enclaves?

    Get them a bit of free advertising and then we might see some action.

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