Hop on the bus, Gus   29/4/2014

Might be time to explore one of those 50 ways.


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How much can a polar bear? 
Remember when arctic circle warming was supposed to be killing off the bruins of the far north? Now the threat to polar bears comes from too much cooling. 


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Collector’s special   26/4/2014

Whoopee! Sandgroper brother Rick has acquired me a copy of yesterday’s Fin Review which went to press (and out the other side) in WA with every editor’s worst nightmare of a front page.


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Multiple hitchings   7/4/2014

After eight wives and scores of movies, they’ve finally taken the Mickey.

An MGM star in the 1930s and ’40s, the 93-year-old’s long career started as a child actor in a series of silent short comedies.

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