Nouvelle cuisine   16/11/2013

Planning a hearty meal.

AFP – A suspected cannibal killed a 90-year-old in a sleepy southern French village then pulled his heart and tongue out with the apparent intention of eating them with white beans, sources close to the case said Friday.

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Who cares?   

Looks like ‘Bama-boy has stuffed up big time.

Nearly 40 House Democrats defied President Obama and helped the Republican majority pass a bill Friday that lets Americans keep, for one year, health plans that do not comply with Obamacare.
The defections from 39 members of Mr. Obama’s party highlighted the pressure on Congress to help people who lost coverage because of the president’s signature law, as balky websites keep a veil over alternative plans and pressure mounts on the Democrat-led Senate to forge a remedy.

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Well-i’ll-bee!   15/11/2013

Dunno who get the bigger fright in the dunes yesterday.

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Shear carnage   

It’s been a tragic year for shearwaters, with masses of the starving birds washed up on Australian beaches from Queensland to south-west Victoria. Hundreds seen along the beaches and in the dunes west of Thunder Point yesterday.

Whatever’s responsible, seems it’s at least from natural causes. Unlike here:

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Proven liars   14/11/2013

Typhoon Haiyan has wrought a massive amount of rubbish. Much of it written or broadcast.

This controversy is about the claim that the typhoon Haiyan was the strongest tropical cyclone that ever made a landfall, and so on. You can see this preposterous misinformation almost everywhere.

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Chainsaw alert   

Better not reveal this to the beloved:

A Wisconsin man called 911 early Sunday morning and asked for assistance in removing a snoring woman from his bed, police report.

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Point of view   11/11/2013

The view from a local place where certain gents go to meet certain gents. Now, it doesn’t particularly worry me what they do, as long as it’s not compulsory and doesn’t frighten the horses. But some locals object, particularly those who struggle with the product of brain power, such as literacy. And that’s how this site was once identified with a sign declaring: POFF’S POINT.

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With every month, it’s plainer to see which club the little fella’s going to line up with.
He’s working on a mullet, loves a 13oz bottle in his gob, favours a wife-beater to show off the biceps and is most comfortable in trakkie daks.
Go, you little ‘Pie!

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Cup tips   5/11/2013

You’re a better man than me, Gungha Din, if you can confidently pick the Cup winner. Nevertheless, the streets are awash with once-a-year punters ready to share their equine expertise.
For what it’s worth (not much, although we once tipped the Cox Plate trifecta, in order), the Slatts’ stable leans toward:
Sea Moon, the best of Lloyd Williams’ entries and he’s a Cup specialist;
Ibicenco, Geelong Cup winner, always a favourable indicator and his price is generous;
Dear Demi, flew home in the Caulfield Cup and stamped with class. Wonder if its owner, Singo, will shout Flemington if it gets up;
and Fiorenta, Gai’s best chance of a Cup winner and who doesn’t like to see a true eccentric succeed?

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You won’t read all about it   3/11/2013

Nick Cater nails much that is wrong in what passes for modern journalism:

The commercial pressures on the industry are well known. Newsrooms have been hollowed out. The disinvestment in journalism has accelerated as Fairfax has trashed its Sydney and Melbourne mastheads. In no other industry would executives respond to falling demand by making the product worse. Yet this is the story of the news business during the past two decades.
The degeneracy of modern journalism cannot be blamed entirely on falling revenue, however. The decline in standards has been at least as bad in public-sector journalism; indeed, some would say it is worse.

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That’s all folks   

Don’t you love it when a news story prompts a fond memory?
In this case the first Loony Toon to star an Australian:
“Farder, Farder, it’th a giant mouthe!!!

News spread on social networks in Saudi Arabia this week that a giant mouse nearly one metre long had killed two babies in the Gulf kingdom.

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Hot war era   1/11/2013

He truly believes it: his potplant told him so.

The heir to the British throne is blaming the Syrian civil war that’s claimed more than 100,000 lives on global warming.
In remarks to the World Islamic Economic Forum meeting in London this week, Prince Charles described the bloody Syria conflict as a “terrifyingly graphic” example of the negative effects of climate change.

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