Sour pusses   15/8/2013

Bill Leak had this household guffawing fit to bust this morning:

correspondent to The Australian doesn’t hold back. Betcha far more normal unpublished people agree with him than those from the perpetually outraged commentariat.

THE more the purse-lipped, politically correct and humourless finger-wagers berate Tony Abbott and the average Australian over his sex-appeal comment, the more they confirm that, given the opportunity, they would control what we say.
Most Australians would take the knockabout Abbott over these gormless and hysterical cultural misfits.
Jim Ball, Narrabeen, NSW


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Rank outsiders   

True believers will be raking it in if the totally unexpected occurs and Labor wins the federal election.
SportingBet has Labor for the first time paying more than $7, with $7.30 the latest quote. A buck on the Coalition will return a miserly $1.08.
Luxbet will pay $5.40 for a Labor win and $1.14 for the Opposition; Sportsbet $1.12 and $6.00; and TAB $1.15 and $5.50.

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Washout   14/8/2013

Delicious irony:

Not a single person showed up at the Georgetown waterfront Tuesday for a climate change agenda event put on by Organizing for Action, the shadowy nonprofit advocacy group born out of President Obama’s 2012 campaign, the NRCC wrote in its blog.
The event page for the “Climate Change Day of Action Rally” disappeared after rainy weather appeared to drive away whatever people planned to attend.

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It’s where the Cooraaaah-Cooraaah tribe lives   

It’s reassuring to know that wet Warrnamcool is following the way of the world.
Although the NOAA report noted that in 2012, “the Arctic continues to warm” with “sea ice reaching record lows,” it also stated that the Antarctica sea ice “reached a record high of 7.51 million square miles” on Sept. 26, 2012.
And the latest figures for this year show that there’s been a slowdown of melting in the Arctic this summer as well, with temperatures at the North Pole well below normal for this time of year. Meteorologist Joe Bastardi calls it “the coldest ever recorded.”

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Short as beer at Christmas   13/8/2013

You’ll need a wheelbarrow full of large denomination notes to get a worthwhile return from a bet on the Coalition, according to Sportsbet.
The Opposition has tightened from $1.19 to $1.15 in the past week, while Labour has drifted from $4.80 to $5.00.

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Golden oldies   11/8/2013

Boomers who fell in love with vinyl sounds in the sixties will delight in this site.

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Billabong wisdom   

No one exposes the selective “compassion” of the bleeding heart class more eloquently than Professor Bunyip.

Street prostitution is against the law, although you would never know as much from the coverage of Connelly’s murder. So is living off the earnings of prostitution, which appears to have been what Connelly’s partner had been doing for a decade. Legal brothels were introduced to Victoria more than 30 years ago, in part to end this sordid commerce and reduce the crime rate by banishing gutter crawlers’ need to prowl the streets of places like St Kilda. Now that an unfortunate woman has been slain and a killer roams free, the hankies are out and tears flow.
What we are yet to see, nor are likely to, is any examination of the progressive conscience – you know, along the lines of, “If we had only pressured the police to arrest this woman, she would be alive and maybe even off the smack by the stage.”
Instead, Connelly is dead. But not to worry, there are plenty more prostitutes and pimps to be found in St Kilda, plenty more opportunities to patronise the unfortunate while tacitly encouraging them to stick to business as usual. If these people had the decency God gave chooks they would die of shame.

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Fast track   

If this came to pass you could get to Melbourne from Sydney in minutes.
That’s of course, if you wanted to.

Inside the Hyperloop: the pneumatic travel system faster than the speed of sound
It is called “The Hyperloop” and, according to the designer, it will be a revolutionary “fifth mode” of transport, eclipsing trains, planes, boats and automobiles.

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Swede taste   

Here’s an opportunity for a clever Australian to resurrect for export two products for which we were once acclaimed: steel and Speedos.

Swedish men warned of crotch-chomping fish
Swedish men have been warned to keep their swimwear on while bathing in the Öresund Sound off the southern coast of Sweden after a relative of the piranha was discovered in the area.

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Odds widen   10/8/2013

Forget about a week being a long time in politics. Five days has been an eternity of agony for Labor.
SportsBet today has the Coalition at $1.19 to Labor’s $4.80.
On Monday it was $1.24 for the Coalition against Labor’s $4.00.

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High hopes for bowler   6/8/2013

When rain washes out play Test cricket commentary has to produce something to interest, annoy or amuse their audience.
So I hope that screen bottom banner early in last night’s delayed proceedings was intentional: Harris to Root innings.
Droll enough, but amateur hour stuff compared with the BBC’s Brian Johnson’s 1976 pearler: “The batsman’s Holding, the bowler’s Willey”.
That surpasssed Johnson’s 1961 magnificent: “There’s Neil Harvey standing at leg slip with his legs wide apart, waiting for a tickle”.

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Pet hates   

Bet there’s more than a few Labor household cats and dogs cringing under beds as the house human takes in The Oz’s headlines today:
Business Blasts budget torpor
Rate cut likely as sales growth hits 50-year low
Blow to NBN as builder pull out
Redd rebuffed as Nauru denies permanent residency for refugees

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Odds-on Opposition   5/8/2013

Smarties know if there’s doubt, follow the money. And the loot’s not on Krudd. Sportsbet’s latest:
Coalition $1.24, ALP $4.00.

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Early and often   

Finally, the opportunity to elect a federal government. Memo to dumbed-down generationers: You do not elect the Prime Minister, his/her party does; it is not a popularity contest, it’s about policies and who has the best; and ask your oldies – is it more important to buy power than to live within your means.

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Realistic scene   4/8/2013

Memo to budding Tarantinos: Get official permission before the cameras roll in the street.

A student film crew shooting a robbery scene at a Glendora coffee shop were almost fired on by police who believed an actual crime was taking place.

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Hot, cold – take your pick   

It’s rubbish thinking to link one month’s average temperature with climate change, as quite a few media dopes did in the past week.
The ABC, for instance:

After an exceptionally cold start to the day, Melbourne has recorded its warmest July since records began 160 years ago.

But then, for every event, there’s an opposite. It also means three-eighths of Fanny Adams.

Unprecedented July Cold – Arctic Sees Shortest Summer On Record

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About turn   3/8/2013

I hate to say I told you . . . Nah, bugger it, I’m revelling in the red faces lighting up the alarmist community.

Complaints have been made about a noticeable change in attitude by news organisations to climate change reporting, including Germany’s Der Spiegel, the New York Times, which closed its environment bureau, and Reuters news agency.
The Economist magazine has infuriated many with a report questioning climate sensitivity, the measure used by researchers for how much they expect temperatures to increase in response to particular increases in levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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