Witless of Oz   30/3/2013

This removes any doubt that minor bureaucrats make up the most interfering, petty, greedy, counter-productive, bullying sub-strata in Australian society:

NICHOLAS Zisti thought he’d get into the Australia Day spirit by decorating the family cafe in patriotic colours – so the City of Sydney hit him with $5000 in fines.

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Premature evacuation   

Well, it is the season of resurrection.

A PROSTITUTE in Zimbabwe ‘died’ during a hotel romp with a client – only to come back to life as her body was being put in a coffin.

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Season’s greetings   29/3/2013

Here’s to happiness and for those so inclined, blessings, for Easter among those who sail on this blogship.

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Putting the tin into bulletin   28/3/2013

Yeah, but can they bullshit in bars after deadline and cover drive rolled-up copy paper over three rows of hacks’ desks?

‘Robo-reporter’ computer program raises questions about future of journalists

Apologies to readers for first linking this yarn to nutjob Alex Jones’ website. I’ve since linked it to a more reputable site.

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Shaun offs the reds   

Hey, ABC censors, how did Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell get under your guard? The treacherous bastard lampoons both sides of politics. In fact, I suspect his final segment last night (at the 27 minute mark) may have mocked the ABC’s true believers.
Admittedly, Micallef is a thorough professional who would recognise the stupidity of an entertainer alienating 60 per cent of his potential audience.

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Pleased to meat me   25/3/2013

News to gladden a real man’s heart:

Salad labelled as “ready-to-eat” is more dangerous than beefburgers, one of Britain`s top food experts has said, following a spate of Cryptosporidium infections linked to the product.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind the occasional mix of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, salad onions, cucumbers, radishes and mayo. But not every bloody meal, as some cooks, mainly of the fairer sex, would prefer. And what’s it with avocadoes? Tasteless, horrible looking and expensive, almost as unappealing as rocket lettuce. Writer Will Self recalled rocket was once poisoned by the council when it grew in footpath cracks, but now sells at trendy markets for five pounds a kilo.

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No shame   24/3/2013

A decent journalist would have buried their head in shame. But lefty burbler Paul Bongiorno was tickled pink when congratulated on his career by extremist Greens leader Christine Milne on Meet the Press this morning.

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Global warming . . . and cooling . . . and everything between   

A long, hot summer in south-east Australia, a bitterly cold snap in the northern hemisphere; the climate does change, as it always has. But not in the same direction or at the same rate that government-funded alarmists keep bleating.

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Local attractions   23/3/2013

Just returned from an invigorating bike ride and riverbank walk in our new neighbourhood. It’s very scenic on a semi-sunny day, but I’m told to expect dramatic views when the storms roll in from the south-west.

The view from our upper balcony.

Looking to the east.

Hopkins River tour boat with Proudfoot’s boatshed-cum-restaurant and bar in the background.

Proudfoot’s where we’re dining tonight. Great place for a beer on the deck on a sunny day.

Lyndoch on the riverbank where generations of Warrnamboolians have seen out their twilight years.

The view upriver. Our place is on the hill behind the boathouse.

Our trainee removalist did his bit.

Couldn’t post an album without my lastest pic of daughter and grandson. A former horsebreeder opined the other day: “With those looks he clearly dropped to the dam”.

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Unintended offence   

Lobbyists demanding an apology from those not responsible for their past hurt would do more for their case by demonstrating gratitude and generosity of spirit.
It was astonishing to hear Tony Abbott heckled and abused this week when making his heart-felt apology to those given up for adoption decades earlier.
Who knew the term “birth parent” was somehow offensive?
Well, The Age does. Now.
Andrew Bolt exposes yet another instance of Fairfax hypocrisy which is as regular in the lefties’ favourite rag as dozens of pages of classified ads used to be.
He quotes yesterday’s Standard Gauge:

He caused grievous offence by referring to “birth parents’’, a bureaucratic terminology that has the effect of denying mothers and fathers any role beyond the moment of birth.

It’s a good thing for The Age that Conroy’s media tsar totalitarian idea collapsed or else the paper might have been dragged before the proposed censor of politically incorrect language. Further quotes from the Spencer Street Pravda:

The finger-wagging Age, February, 2013:
The perfect gift from her birth mother made Fiona Scott-Norman think her parent saw into her very being…

The Abbott-Abbott-Abbott Age, January 2013:
Gerd’s birth mother found a sponsor in Australia and, without the help of any assisted passage scheme, paid the princely sum of £440 to emigrate to Australia.

The sanctimonious Age, December 2012:
THE birth dates of babies who were adopted were often changed to prevent them from ever reuniting with their birth mothers, according to adoption activist and researcher Christine Cole.

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Who goes there?   22/3/2013

Seems it’s a judging rule for the Archibald Prize that the winning portrait must bear only the faintest resemblance to the subject.

SYDNEY artist Del Kathryn Barton has won the 2013 Archibald Prize for her portrait of actor Hugo Weaving.

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Backing outsiders   

Madly optimistic Labor supporters have been flooding their favourite broadcaster, Jon Faine, with predictions that Gillard will now lead the party to victory.
Oh yeah, Sportsbet has the Coalition at $1.18 and Labor $4.75.
Another one bites the dust.

LABOR’S aborted leadership coup has claimed another victim, with Rudd supporter Chris Bowen falling on his sword today and announcing his resignation from cabinet.

There wasn’t much talent there to begin with, so expect the blunders and lies to continue.

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Crisis   21/3/2013

Simon Crean has just challenged Gillard to call a leadership spill. Crean says he will support Kevin Rudd and stand as his deputy, even though he believes a change of leadership will not solve Labor’s problems.

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Party crasher   

Bolta says it all for an increasing majority of Australians.

This is what Labor must now realise: dumping Gillard is no longer about merely saving Labor seats at the next election; it is about saving Labor’s good name.
Gillard has made the same mistake as so many arrogant leaders: confusing her own interests with those of her party, even those of the country.
She apparently thinks anything that helps her to survive also helps Labor.
It is not so. Gillard is, in fact, trashing Labor’s brand, stripping it of the moral authority the next Labor leader will need to rebuild the party Gillard is decimating.

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Freedom rules   

Liberty triumphs, no thanks to that grub Conroy.

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Moving in   

Just a few pictures to hang and removal will be complete. God, what an ordeal after 16 years in the one place. We’re dreading the next shift in six months or a year’s time.

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Tickets please   17/3/2013

Reckon I made my first trip from up the country to Geelong around the time this fantastic picture was taken in Moorabool Street. It’s from the excellent Geelong Facebook page.

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Conroy earns Frank support   15/3/2013

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy’s plans to stifle freedom of the press don’t reveal just a would-be despot but a DUMB would-be despot.
After all, one of the 10 commandments of politics is don’t pick a fight with anyone who buys ink by the barrel. And you certainly don’t throw down the gauntlet a few months out from an election.
And you definitely don’t implement unnecessary policy that will be praised by what should be your ideological foes.

FIJI’S military ruler Frank Bainimarama and his regime say they are “flattered” Australia has followed the rogue Pacific nation and proposed a crackdown on press freedom.

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Bool bound   13/3/2013

Phew! Thank goodness the hot stretch has ended. We’re moving to Warrnambool next week and it hasn’t been ideal weather for packing and lugging cartons and furniture. We’re renting out our Geelong West place while leasing a house overlooking the Hopkins bridge and mouth.
This is part of the scenery we get to appreciate:

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The dog ate it . . .   12/3/2013

Australian cricket’s latest turmoil is a metaphor for today’s Australian society:
Talented risk-takers hobbled by regulations and paperwork devised by second-rate unimaginatives:

Watson, James Pattinson, Usman Khawaja and Mitchell Johnson were all dumped for Thursday’s third Test for failing for a minor disciplinary breach – not completing an assignment by team management on how to make improvements in the team.

Of course, the humourless oafs behind this strategy are meeting the scorn they deserve.

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