Idiots rule   26/2/2013

The ACT has the highest wages and best working conditions in the nation, so it stands to reason that the territory has the smartest workers, doesn’t it? Well no, if your job is to determine policy for the ACT Human Rights Commission, you must be a gold-plated, fully-fledged moron. With learning difficulties.

Canberra’s Alexander Maconochie Centre is the first modern prison in Australia to be designed by do-gooders. Late last year it also became the first prison in Australia to be raided by police investigating a child pornography ring. Designing a model prison is the easy part; finding model prisoners is another matter altogether. What’s the criminal class coming to when you can’t give them a laptop and an email address without them getting up to no good?
It claims to be the first prison in Australia to provide prophylactics, but evidently with mixed success. One inmate in the mixed-sex facility is in the process of applying for early release on the grounds that she is expecting a baby at Easter, a month before the end of her 12-month sentence.
Let’s hope ACT Human Rights Commissioner Helen Watchirs has better luck with the needle exchange program likely to begin soon, despite opposition from prison officers. As Watchirs sees it: “To deny protection against disease transmission in such a high-prevalence and closed population in prison may be viewed as inhumane.”

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