Ripper   22/2/2013

Joe pulls off the rant of the year:

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Cold, hard facts   

Chief of the world’s main manmade global warming advancement organisation has admitted the world hasn’t warmed for 17 years and that MGW doubters deserve to be heard.
Jeepers, that’s a big yarn that will be all over the TV news bulletins tonight, won’t it? Won’t it?

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Cold revenge   

This comment at Bolt’s blog makes sense. In a machiavellian way.

Andrew, I think it’s possible that Kevin Rudd is telling the truth about not challenging Gillard. I suspect he may be playing a longer game.
He may think that if Labor suffers a massive defeat, he may be able to take over and rebuild the party in his own image – in particular, he may be able to break the grip the union movement has over Labor. This would indeed be a huge accomplishment and would allow Labor to become a party much better suited to the times. The last few years have proven that the Hawke years were an abberation and that Labor remains a party wedded to class war and union patronage.
Rudd has no love of the unions and would love to do to them what they helped do to him. And it would actually create a better party. Strange as it sounds, Rudd may be Labor’s last best hope for genuine renewal. He’s young enough and egomaniacal enough to believe he can do it and give himself a permanent and major place in Australian political history.

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Peace talking   

Henry produces an inconvenient truth in The Australian’s Last Post column:

Those who protested against Geert Wilders coming here to express his views on Islam won’t be protesting against shiekh Abdul Rahman al-Sudais for preaching that Jews are accursed to Allah, are pigs and apes and are the scum of the earth. That’s because he’s speaking at the Australian Islamic Peace Conference.
Henry Herzog, St Kilda, Vic

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