Evolving stupidity   19/2/2013

Well, it’s no surprise to anyone who watches commercial TV, travels on public transport or who overhears conversations between, like, under 25s:

Would you be surprised to hear that the human race is slowly becoming dumber, and dumber?

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Do as I say . . .   

Gillard shows more hide than, well, a highlands beastie, when it comes to jobs for Australians:

JULIA Gillard’s office furniture will be re-upholstered in plush Scottish leather after the hides of Australian-grown beasts failed to meet strict quality standards.
A West Melbourne company proudly announced the delivery of the custom hides yesterday as the Prime Minister pitched her new Australian jobs plan in Brisbane.

Yesterday, the PM unveiled a plan designed to keep the local manufacturing industry competitive despite the high Australian dollar and other economic pressures.

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