Ignorance creators   18/2/2013

If ever there was a case of something not broken yet destined to be “fixed” by the ignorati, it is Australian education.
It’s so ironic that academics and educational bureaucrats enjoyed the benefit of what this writer to The Australian describes, yet they’ve been denying it to students for the past 25 years, rendering many of them ignorant and illiterate.

How can competition between schools lift academic performance to the optimum without any reward and punishment at the student level? Make proper competitive examinations mandatory, and establish realistic benchmarks for honours and passes, the balance to fail. Reward the top students with assistance in further education. Give the lesser students some incentive to try harder by not promoting failures to the next level. Weed out the troublemakers and so protect all those students who are genuinely trying to better themselves.

As the man says: It ain’t rocket surgery!

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